The Bulletin in the Puzzles and Conquest game is a special building that serves as an information corner for the player. You will be able to complete polls dedicated to the game in it, as well as receive a special Lux Gift for certain activity.

Let’s talk in this article about the reason why it is necessary to enter this building regularly, and what other daily bonuses there are on your Account.

Why the Bulletin is in the game?

All players, both new and advanced, have experienced for themselves what a whirlpool of various events is contained in the gameplay. A successful Lord has to do so many things every day that naturally, it is necessary to provide incentives for involvement in the gameplay.

At first, you will be given various free packs, for example, for the so-called Veterancy, that is, a long and uninterrupted visit to the game. You can also get several additional Daily Rewards for visiting:

  • Go to the Gift Center Section, which is located on the Main Screen of the Castle at the top right. Under the current shopping offers, you will see the line “Login Pack” and the button – Claim. Every day you will receive one random bonus, for example Speed-up (60 min) x 1 and so on.
  • Go to the Rank Section, which is located in the “More” tab on the Main Screen of the Castle in the lower panel in the right corner. In the two rating positions of the Personal Might Rank and Personal Kill Rank, you can click the View buttons and go inside. You will be able to rate the First Most Powerful Lord for the current day by clicking on the Like icon (thumb up). You will receive a reward for this.
  • Go to the Mall Section, which is located on the Main Screen of the Castle at the top right. Click on the Monthly Gift icon and on the Daily Pack tab. There you will be offered a Free Pack: 500 LordEXP x 1, Speed-up (5 min) x 1, Oath Rune I x 1. For a daily constant visit to the game in this section on the Purchase Process Reward for 14 days, you can get two bonus chests 5 and 10 levels. Then the Rewards counter will be reset.

The Bulletin building is also a feasible help for the players. It will offer you simple multiple choice polls related to game mechanics. Questions are constantly changing, although there are repetitive options.

Examples of questions:

  • Why should you join the Alliance?
  • How to increase the limit of Alliance members?
  • Starting from what VIP level can Braveheart be used without restrictions?
  • What Bonuses does Research Equipment give?
  • Starting from what VIP level in the Campaign can you use Auto battle mode?
  • Can units eat all Food from your Storage?
  • Which of the following buildings increases the squad size?

If you answer correctly by choosing an option, then you will receive a Participant Reward and a Winner Reward. If you make a mistake in answering the question, then you are only guaranteed to receive a Participant Reward.

Lux Gift

Log in to the Bulletin in the Puzzles and Conquest game and every 8 hours you can get a special Reward Set – Lux Gift. It represents a number of bonus items:

  • Diamond Chest (200) x 1,
  • Hero Arena Pass x 1,
  • Wind Walk (item reduces the remaining march time by 25%) x 1,
  • Speed-up (60 min.) x 1.

To get this set, you need to click on the “Watch” button in the Menu Quiz of this building. The gaming system will redirect you to the advertising page in Google Play store, where you will see a countdown to the end of videoclip which one you will need to watch while the commercial.

A window close icon (X) will appear in the upper right corner of the screen after watching the minimum clip time. You can tap on it to go back to the game and get your Item Set. Watching another video will be available to you every 8 hours.

UPDATE: in the Updated version of the game 4.0.84, this option was removed completely!

How can I find the Bulletin in Puzzles and Conquest?

The building can be found on the main screen of the Castle (internal menu – a map of the territory of the Palace). The building does not need to be built, since it is active from the very beginning of the game when entering the Castle. However, you will not get all the functionality right away. Lux Gift will be available only with account development. In the beginning, you will only go through the Quiz questions.

The structure is located on the third level of the Fortress Wall below the Castle building, not far from the Blacksmith, the Market and the Embassy. The Bulletin in Puzzles and Conquest looks like an elegant billboard for announcements.


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