Game Update 2023-03-29


Dear Lord,

Patch note in 03-29 version, Maintenance will be performed on March 29 09:00-10:30 UTC Have great day

What’s New:

1. Curio Refinement: 8-star Epic or better exclusive curios can now be refined.

2. Immigration Applications: Some Lords will need to submit immigration applications before immigrating.

Trigger Conditions: After meeting the existing requirements, if a player’s highest Might (excluding Troop Might) is ranked top 10 in the target kingdom, they will need to submit an immigration application.

– Application Approval: All players in the target kingdom can view the immigration applications, yet only the Ruler can approve them. The right to approve applications will be granted to the player with the highest Might if there is no Ruler in the target kingdom.


1. Boneyard: Participation rules optimized.

a. Sign-up is no longer required. Eligible Lords can directly enter the battlefield after the battle begins.

b. Each player can participate in only one session. After quitting the battlefield, they may not be able to join other sessions.


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