How to lower the Might of your account


The operation to lower the Might of the Account in Puzzles and Conquest may be required by the Lord for Global Relocate. With a decrease of Might you will spend fewer items and, accordingly, you will spend less resources.


When you simply remove equipment your total Might is reduced by the value indicated on the gear items. Please note that you have 6 slots with standard equipment available in each tab: War Set, Builder Set and Tech Set. If you use paid Packs, do not forget about them.

In this example, when removing equipment the account loses -250,000 total Might. Items remain in your inventory and do not disappear. If necessary, you can put them back on your Lord. All these tabs can be found in the Lord’s menu by clicking on the icon in the upper left corner of the Castle Main Screen. Or you can go to the Blacksmith.


As with equipment, removing gems lowers the character’s Might scale. You can manipulate simple Gems and Saurgems.

Simple Gems include 24 gems. If you are not participating in the Hero Championship, then this number will be equal to 18 stones. All of these tabs, which are 6 by type of gear, can be emptied. To do this, you need to remove the gems.

Saurgems are revealed for you as the Blacksmith is upgraded. There are three of them at the basic level. Do not forget about them when decreasing Might.


Resetting heroes also lowers this value. If you have a lot of high level heroes you can reset them to their initial parameters, but note that this is a paid procedure (150 diamonds).

To do this, you need to select a hero and click on the circular arrows icon at the top right of the screen. When you reset the hero you will return all the resources and fragments that were spent on level up it.

If you wish, you can return back all the levels and improvements of the Hero, or you can reshuffle in your Hero menu, while Disposing unnecessary fragments. For this you are given special Points that can be exchanged for fragments of Heroes in the Hall of Heroes.

Decreasing the Might of the Account in Puzzles and Conquest is a reversible operation.


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