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It so happens that you need to change the environment and in the game it means changing the Kingdom or changing the location of your territory within the kingdom. This function is called Relocation in Puzzles and Conquest. There are three types of movement – Global, Directed and Random. Directed Relocate moves your territory anywhere on the map within the kingdom. Global, however, moves your territory to another Kingdom, with its own alliances, players and map. Global relocation can also be called server change. Random – moves your territory to a random point on the map of the current Kingdom.

Directed Relocate Puzzles and Conquest

Directed Relocate moves your territory to any unoccupied place on the map within the Kingdom. The item that performs this action is called “Directed Relocate” and is sold in the Alliance Store in the “Misc” tab. In order to use this function, you must be a member of the players’ alliance and pay 200,000 Alliance Coins. These coins are earned for helping the Alliance or Donations.

Alternatively, you can purchase an item in the Diamond Store under the “Misc” section. The item price is 2,000 diamonds.

From the beginning of the game, you will have several of these items in your inventory. They are also given as a bonus for various activities in the game.

Movement can only be made to unoccupied territories. Schematically, your territory occupies 4 cells on the map, if at least one falls on someone else’s castle or monster the action will fail.

Random Relocate Puzzles and Conquest

Also in the game there is a subject “Random Relocate”. He transfers your territory to random location in the current kingdom. It is sold in the Alliance Store and costs 60,000 coins. The same rules apply as for Directed Relocate, you will not be able to get a territory there are already buildings or monsters.

The item can also be bought in the diamond store for 500 diamonds.

Global Relocate Puzzles and Conquest

Global Relocate is a change of Kingdom (server). Please note migrating to another server imposes a 30-day penalty on the next flight. After moving to another kingdom, you will have to wait 30 days to move somewhere again.

General rules for immigration

  • Lv.15+ Castle required to perform immigration
  • Restricted (<60 days since kingdom founded): Immigration is available to characters from kingdoms that are founded later than the restricted kingdom.
  • Open (60+ days since kingdom founded): Immigration is available to characters from all kingdom.
  • Immigration consumes Global Relocate items (the quantity is determined by the character’s Castle level).
  • To perform immigration, all your march queues are required to be in Idle status.
  • To perform immigration, you are required to quit alliance first.
  • When performing immigration, you can only keep the resources within Storage limit. The exceeded proportion will be lost.
  • After immigration, you will need to wait 30 days first before you immigrate again.
  • Please note that your pts of some ongoing events will be reset after immigration.
  • Arena: Your rank will be reset. Defense lineup is required to manually set again.
  • Divination: Lucky Coins will be removed. Divination progress will be reset.
  • You are not allowed to perform immigration in possession of artifacts. Note: Your artifacts have a chance to be robbed when your territory, station posts, or resource spots are attacked by a Lord.
  • Your Castle level is qualified. (Immigrating to the target kingdom requires: Lv. or lower Castle. )

After each Relocation the cost of the next migration will increase, so approach this action responsibly.

Some Kingdoms have the “Restricted” status. It means impossible to move to this kingdom at this moment. You need to wait a while or choose another server.

In each Kingdom the Ruler can impose additional restrictions on the transfer. For example, the target Castle level limit is 26 or lower. If you are developed above Level 26 of the Castle, you will not be able to move to this Kingdom.

If you really need to get into such a Kingdom, then you will have to contact the Ruler and ask him to temporarily raise the level to yours for migration.

Items for Global Relocate

To move to another Kingdom, you will need a special item “Global Relocate”, which is sold in the Alliance Store for 500,000 Alliance Coins.

If you still have questions and additions about Relocation Puzzles & Conquest you can leave them here.


  1. If I start my castle upgrade, will I still be able to use the number of global relocate items for my current castle level until the upgrade is complete?


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