Wednesday, October 27, 2021

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Game Update 5.0.96

Now it's time for the next Game Update 5.0.96 Puzzles and Conquest. In this article we will try to figure out what awaits us...

Game Update 5.0.90

A fairly serious hotfix by the standards of the game was released this week in Game Update 5.0.90 Puzzles and Conquest, which concerns some...

Game Update 5.0.87

Recently, a major Game Update 5.0.87 Puzzles and Conquest was released, which concerns the Heroes system, affects Events and some other important game mechanics....


How to play on PC

Many players realize that it is often much more convenient to play mobile games on a PC. As a rule, a computer has a...

Gift code

Puzzles & Conquest is a mobile game with strategy and puzzle elements, and like many in other games, it has a system of rewards...

Tips for Beginners

Puzzles & Conquest is a Match 3 game that use player logic, mindfulness and strategic thinking. The first advice for a novice player will...

How to lower the Might of your account

The operation to lower the Might of the Account in Puzzles and Conquest may be required by the Lord for Global Relocate. With a...

Troop training guide

In this guide we'll talk about training new troops in Puzzles & Conquest for your army. How to do this more profitable in terms...