Tuesday, July 27, 2021

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Game Issues June-July 2021

Like all regular players, we noticed new problems and crashes, issues in Puzzles and Conquest in June-July 2021. Let's consider these anomalies in more...

Hotfix on July 8, 2021

The game developers released the Hotfix for Puzzles and Conquest on July 8, 2021. It mainly concerns the current mechanics of the Event-rolls, the...

Hotfix on June 25, 2021

Many players faced problems in regular events, such as the Dragonia War (Military Expedition) and the Boneyard in Puzzles and Conquest, due to which...


Tier List

Dear players, we present to you the Tier List of Puzzles and Conquest. Only heroes of 4 and 5 stars are marked on the...

Gift code

Puzzles & Conquest is a mobile game with strategy and puzzle elements, and like many in other games, it has a system of rewards...

Relocation Guide

It so happens that you need to change the environment and in the game it means changing the Kingdom or changing the location of...

How to lower the Might of your account

The operation to lower the Might of the Account in Puzzles and Conquest may be required by the Lord for Global Relocate. With a...

How to remove Game Assistant

Many Puzzles & Conquest players complain about the annoying Game Assistant app icon in the game. By default, it is located on the left...