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Puzzles & Conquest is a Match 3 game that use player logic, mindfulness and strategic thinking. The first advice for a novice player will be to realize this game is both simple and difficult in its develope. The most valuable thing about this game is patience and combination your skills. Puzzles & Conquest includes additional elements that encourage the gamer to cooperate with other players in one way or another.

Free play or Regular donation?

First you need to decide how you will level up your character. We want to note the game has a donation system. The leader here will always be the one who invests the most money. The maximum level of the Castle that can be developed without donation in 3-4 weeks is the 24th active game and 24/7 format, the max level of the Castle will be the 26th, because to get 200 million of every resource is virtually unrealistic.

When you pass the mark in 15th level of the Castle try to store as much as possible specific items that are required for Events in the game.

Events and Items/Resources:

  • Hero Upgrade: Hero Cards, Hero Runes.
  • Wild Hunt, First-class Lord 3/6: Brave Heart Item (gives Stamina).
  • Territory Development, First-class Lord 2/6 and 6/6: Build Speedup and Research Speedup .
  • Army Expansion, First-class Lord 4/6 and 6/6: Speedup Training.
  • Equipment Upgrade, First-class Lord 5/6: Essences, Scrolls and Gems to upgrade your equipment and Gems.
  • Might of Sauroi, First-class Lord 5/6: Sauroi Runestones, Essences and Dragon Gem Upgrades.
  • Diamond Exchanger, Diamond Expert, First-class Lord 5/6: Diamonds.

If you still look in the Items of cash investments, then pay attention to the following paid bonuses to the game: Sets (Builder, Tech), Silver Card, Gold Card, Hero Set (Lucifer and other heroes), Daily or Monthly Gifts.

Helpful Beginner Resource Tips

To improve the development process you can use the bonuses that at the beginning the game generously throws up for completing the campaign stages and completing quests. These items in Puzzles & Conquest help speedup building, exploration, training, and more. In addition to speedup bonuses it will be quite effective to use Diamonds to improve buildings. It is even more efficient than using a single purchase of resources in the bag (about 2.5 times). When you level up all resource buildings, buying resources during the Diamond event will become less relevant.

As the Kingdom growths and joins the Alliance you may face attacks on your Castle by other players. In this case your resources may be plundered. There is a some limit that is held by the Warehouse. But extra food, wood, iron, gold and soulstone will be kidnapped by the enemy. To minimize this store as many event and quest rewards as possible in your Bag. What is stored there will be with you in any case this is your individual unlimited Storage.

If you use paid boosts or have a good supply of stones a good advice for a beginner would be to use the 50% bonus to the collection speedup for 300 Diamonds for 24 hours from the Bag shop, as well as the maximum bonuses of heroes for the production/extraction of resources. With a basic level of investment, it is advisable to use the heroes’ bonuses to reduce the cost of build and research.

It should be remembered with the increase of your army the amount of consumed resources (food) increases. If you notice that food tends to zero and the army’s food consumption has exceeded 400k per hour, then buying a 50% reduction in rations in the Bag store for 900 diamonds (50% Upkeep Down), you can save 5 million food per day.

In Alliance other members of your community can assist you in building buildings, healing soldiers and researching. Each support act helps speed up the gameplay by a certain percentage of the time. Leveling up the Embassy gives you a very large free boost bonus. So for each additional level, not only the amount of help that other players can provide to you increases, but also its amount.

To grow and develop effectively you need to level up your buildings to improve the Castle and the Wall. It is desirable to produce them with full speedups (using bonuses from the Heroes and items for speed), which will allow you to improve the main buildings within one day. To do this, use the speedup bonuses for time and the Lord’s talent for 5 minutes. You can also do this during the respective events to get the maximum reward.

Other gaming tips

You progress in the game opens new opportunities. These include:

  • Acquiring your own Dragon and discovering Sauroi experience
  • Maximum improvement of troops
  • Heroes of a higher level
  • Pit and Blacksmith

With this new ways of being active in your Kingdom are opening up. Here is just a small list of tips for them:

  1. Keep watching on your Soulstones limit when hunting.
  2. Level up your troop is important. Use speedups. You need for full overtraining during the speedup bonus – 1 hour.
  3. The Tower of Trials gives you points every day depending on the maximum level of the trials completed on the previous day. In the Tower of Trials, as well as in the Pit and in the Arena, importent not to spend the earned points immediately. Store them for the corresponding events.
  4. The Pit is the most profitable source for exchanging earned points for resources.
  5. To avoid robberies in the Pit you need to recall your troop every 1:45 hours and capture another mine. So you will be less attractive for robberies, as they rob mainly those who have stores a lot of resources.

This was a short list of the most useful tips for beginners in Puzzles & Conquest.



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