Game Update ver. 4.0.58


The day before, on the night of January 19, 2021, the developers announced the first New 2021 Year Game Update ver. 4.0.58 Puzzles & Conquest game, which coincided with Holidays. This is a good gift for the players, and as expected, for waiting for technical events on the servers of the Kingdom of the Dragonia, a decent compensation will be awarded in the form of game items. The announcement of the upcoming maintenance was sent to the internal game Mail in the form of messages from the permanent character Lux. The text of the message was as follows:

“Headline: Server Maintenance.

Sender: Lux 2021/01/19 07:00:03

Message: Greetings, Your Grace! We are happy to announce that an update is coming!

To prepare for this event, we will be running maintenance starting 2021-01-20 10:00:00 (2021-1-20 07:00:00 UTC) and lasting 1 hour.
Don’t forget to complete your quests before your maintenance break!

Maintenance will be carried out for each kingdom in turn, starting with K1.
Come back after this short pause to enjoy the new content along with gratifying compensation.

We wish you a good day! “

Of course, right after that, the glorious Dragonia players began preparing for the update and completing their quest objectives.

As announced, on January 20, 2021, a technical maintenance event began and each Kingdom was sequentially turned off for an hour. If you tried to enter the game during this time, then a service message was waiting for you instead of the loading screen. It said:

“Patch Notes.
[New Content]
1. Added new Heroes: Jumong and Caishen.
300 Diamonds – 3 60 min Training Speedup – 3 60 min Healing Speedup
Maintenance. Will be Available ХХ:ХХ:ХХ
Facebook – Update”

So, a message from the developers of the game project told us about the upcoming changes. So far, the appearance of two new Heroes has been announced: Jumong and Caishen. The changes also included compensation for waiting in the form of game items. It was also suggested to go to the official developer page on Facebook or try to refresh the page.

After the end of the waiting period, you could go to the download page of the Puzzles & Conquest game and see at the bottom of the screen a bar for downloading new content with the text: “Updating XX / 79 0%”, and after this download you could see the usual percentage loading the game screen, however, at the top left of your screen, Version 4.0.58 appears instead of Version 4.0.56.

Further, you could see your Kingdom, your Castle, but with some changes. The development team made changes to the appearance of buildings on the main game screen. We all remember that for the European New Year and Christmas, which is traditionally celebrated all over the world on December 25, snow-covered snowdrifts and festive Christmas trees with gifts were added. The developers delight us with a festive atmosphere and add traditional decorations for us.

Remember that the largest holiday in the Asian world is approaching – Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year, as it is also called. This is the period with the largest seasonal population migration worldwide. During the Chinese New Year celebrations, work stops and people return to their families to spend time with them. Of course, in view of the free hours, more players will participate in the active life of the Kingdom. To celebrate this and make the atmosphere festive, the Puzzles & Conquest team has decorated the Castle with traditional red and gold garlands and Chinese paper lanterns.

Another update was the appearance in the Castle menu of new types of Skins for your Castle. In order to see the innovations, you should click on the Castle, select the Fortress icon in the circle to go to the “Change Skin” menu. There you have many options for the appearance of your game Fortress City.

Two whole new options have become available for players, which can be obtained or Activated through participation in Events or through donation. The first skin for the Castle is the Forbidden Palace. It is a Chinese style red and gold themed palace. The Palace can be obtained in the “Spring Festival” event, there are several levels of duration of possession of this Castle Skin.

The second new Castle variant is Amourville, which can be obtained from the Valentine’s Day event. The coloring looks like a Palace in red colors and hearts.

The next update that can be seen in the game is the appearance of two new Heroes. These are two characters who also celebrate the Chinese New Year. Both the Heroes, Jumong and Caishen, are themed persons dressed in traditional Chinese dress. These are 5-star playable Heroes.

And, of course, the developers were asked to accept the promised reward for waiting time for maintance. In your Messages (Mail) menu, you may have read a letter from Lux Hero.

To receive the reward, you could click on the special indication icon on the main screen of the Castle in the menu on the right next to the offer to help Allies.

You can write any notes in the comments below if you notice any other changes included to Game Update ver. 4.0.58 in Puzzles & Conquest!


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