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Puzzles & Conquest is a mobile game with strategy and puzzle elements, and like many in other games, it has a system of rewards from the developers – a gift code. This coded cipher is usually timed to coincide with public holidays or an important date for the development company itself.

What a gift set is?

Quizzes, events and sweepstakes are periodically held on the official developer page. During such events, you may take of promotional codes that give a bonuses to the gameplay. You can get Gifts after filling in a certain set of numbers and/or letters of the Latin alphabet in the field for the promotional code.

Our portal is monitoring updates and you can find on the entry page about the archive of promotional codes, as well as about current Puzzles & Conquest gift codes.

Where can I enter my gift code in Puzzles & Conquest?

In order to receive a gift set in exchange for a gift code, you must complete a certain chain of actions. The application has a special menu page where you can enter a Promo Code to receive internal game bonuses.

  1. We go into the Puzzles & Conquest game. If you have just joined the audience of the game, then you should go to the official developer page in Google Play or App Store according to the type of your device. There, download the game and install it on your smartphone. Then go through the tutorial and the Kingdom mode will become available to you.
  1. Pay attention to the main menu of the game at the bottom of the main screen of your Kingdom. There, on the right, you can select the “More” icon and then click on the “Settings” gear to enter the game settings menu.
  1. At the bottom right is the “Pack” icon, which is a menu tab for providing the option to enter a gift code. Click on it.
  1. A window pops up in front of you with an input line “Claim Pack”. The instruction text reads: “Please redeem a gift code to claim the gift pack.” The line has a demo inscription: “Tap to enter …”. If you click on it, you will be able to enter a gift code.
  1. After you have entered the Promo Code, click on the “Claim” button and receive bonuses from the developers.

Outdated Gift Codes

It should be borne in mind that gift codes in Puzzles & Conquest are valid for a limited amount of time, as they are associated with certain festive or special events. We collect promotional codes for you and keep an archive so that you know exactly which of these codes are up-to-date and which have already not work. Also, the game has a limit on the number of entered Promo codes, so there is no time to wait – you have to act!

  • 1500kLORDs – this promo code was timed to coincide with the appearance of the 1,500,000th user in the game.
  • kingdoms77  – this promo code was released in honor of the appearance of the 77th Kingdom in the world of the game (limit for 20,000 activations).
  • halloween1 – Halloween gift code.
  • halloween2 – second Halloween gift code.
  • 1stAnniv – this promo code is dedicated to the first anniversary of the creation of the game.
  • SEEYOU2nd – another bonus of the anniversary of the game (valid until November 19, 2020).
  • THXGIVING – Thanksgiving gift pack popular in the Western World (valid until November 30).
  • THXCOIN – second Thanksgiving gift pack.
  • SantasReal – The promo code was released in Christmas (the gift code was valid from 23 to 26 December).
  • Xmas – the gift promotional code is timed to Christmas and New Year 2021. The number of activations is limited!
  • lotsoflove – a gift code that compensates for problems with loading the game and system errors that arose in connection with Game Update 4.0.84 and higher. “Dear Lords, we’re very sorry about the issues after the update. Our techs are working on getting them fixed as soon as possible. Please accept the gift code for now. Thank you for your understanding and support! Gift code is case-sensitive”. The Pack includes: 3 x 60m Buildng Speedup, 3 x 60m Research Speedup, 200 x Diamonds.
  • PNCLSCG – is a gift code hidden in the video clip dedicated to the game. The new CG trailer was released on 05/27/2021. Includes 5 x 5m Speedups, 5 x 5m Training Speedups, 5 x 5m Healing Speedups, 10 x 500 Soulstones, 100 Diamonds.
  • PNCChild61 – code connected to Children’s Day celebrating, 06-01-2021. “Let your inner child out and enjoy life no matter what! Have a fun Children’s Day!”
  • PNC14DRB — new code for the Dragon boat festival! “Did you already get a new Castle skin, Marsh and Ambience that we have prepared for you in Saurland? Have a nice day!”
  • Father6Pnc – Father’s Day code. Published on June 20, 2021. “Remember to bless your Parents and receive their blessings”.
  • PNC777 – valid gift code for 06/26/2021.
  • PNC75SUM – summer festival code, activate till 07-22-2021.
  • MF812LOVE – Goddess of Love code, DDL 8-19-2021.
  • PnC30K – the gift code was released in connection with the achievement of 30K Facebook subscribers.
  • Beer8Wine – gift code dedicated to Octoberfest Wine Festival, use until October 29, 2021.
  • Hallo31PnC – gift code for Halloween 2021!
  • THXGV5PNC – Happy Thanksgiving Day 2021!​
  • 3PnChpbt — new gift code for creative visitors of Facebook to celebrate game’s 2nd anniversary. DDL: 12-21.
  • PnC12FanS – the code was released as the beginning of the celebration of the 2nd Anniversary of the launch of the game, stay tuned. DDL 12-31-2021.
  • PNC2ND – 21 December 2021.
  • PnC2Christ — Xmas gift code, activate till 12-31-2021.
  • Kingsret14 — number of new Lords is 500+. Activate till 01-11-2022.
  • PnC2022 — Happy New Year 2022! Holiday gift code, activate till 01-04-22.
  • HpVtD214 — 14 February 2022.
  • Wvt22PnC – new code for White Valentine’s day. 14th of March 2022, ddl 03-21.
  • Who401Fool – 1st of April ’22, Fool’s Day.
  • Fool401Fes – 1st of April ’22, Fool’s Day

Active gift codes

  • HP508MTD – a gift code for Mother’s Day 05-09-22 till 05-20-22!
  • PnC17EsT – Happy Easter 2022! DDL: 04-22

We will keep an eye on updates and post for you the freshest and most relevant Puzzles & Conquest Gift Codes.


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