Game Update ver. 4.0.84


A major package of changes was introduced by the developers on March 17, 2021 in the Game Update ver. 4.0.84 in Puzzles and Conquest. Traditionally, all servers were disconnected for one hour, starting with Kingdom K1 and further in order. For waiting, the players were rewarded with a set of in-game items.

Server Maintenance

A warning about maintenance came the day before the release of the Patch in the form of a message from Lux to the player’s in-game mail. Then, on the day of the Update, all the servers were sent in turn for maintenance. At this time, players could not enter their Kingdom.

After the events on server maintenance, a special Green chest appeared on the Main screen of the Castle and a message in the player’s system mail.

Also, in the in-game mail there was a warning that the application version was updated to If your application is lower than this version, you should download the latest software from the official GooglePlay application store or AppleStore.

“Headline: Attention!

Sender: Lux 2021/03/17 20:48:18

Message: Greetings, Your Grace! We’re glad to inform you that a complete revamp has been made to Puzzles & Conquest.

If your app version (displayed at the bottom the Settings page) is lower than 5.0.25 (Android) or 2.0.35 (iOS), please head to the app store and update the game as soon as possible for a smooth experience!

Thank you all for your support. Have a good day! “

Game Changes

  1. New item: Perfect Frag.
  2. New hero: Orochi.
  3. Added heroes Jumong and Orochi to Hero Hall.
  4. Added Consec. Crafting Reward to Hero Curio Crafting.
  5. System now displays different prompt messages when upgrading and enhancing heroes.
  6. You can see the number of hero frags owned and required now.
  7. When placing Alliance Forts and Border Stones, you can see the max area they will take up.
  8. Reworked the image on the cards of the 5-star Heroes Poseidon and Nefertari.
  9. Changes have been made to the options presented in the VIP status. It is now possible to do not just Reset the Lord’s talents, but also write down certain Talent Set options in order to save them when changing.
  10. You can find the Stone of Blessing Event in your “Event Center”.
  11. Pay attention to the “Summon Stone” item, which is available as a Ranking reward for participating in Events, which allows you to summon certain Heroes or their Fragments, including the new Hero Orochi.
  12. Removed the button for viewing Video Ads in the Bulletin building.
  13. Now it is possible to write Statuses over the Mine in the Pit building.
  14. The schedule of some events has been changed, for example, the Alliance Showdown Event.
  15. The appearance of the Castle Territory has changed – the snow and New Year’s decorations have disappeared.
  16. A new type of Castle Skin has appeared – Sakuraby.
  17. Rewards for events have changed, for example, the Global Ace Lord Event. Added Summon Stones and new avatar frames. Many Events will be reworked to update Rewards and schedule.

Maintenance compensation

So, you will be able to receive a set of certain bonuses in the game for the fact that the server has been shut down. This time, you will receive the following sets in Green Chests:

  • Compensation for waiting: 300 x Diamonds, 3 x 60m Speedup, 3 x 60m Training Speedup;
  • System notification: 3 x 60m Speedup.

Take advantage of the new opportunities with the Game Update ver. 4.0.84 in Puzzles and Conquest and do not forget to pick up all the Compensations that you can find on the Main screen of the Castle in the form of interactive chests, as well as see them with a notification in the player’s system mail!


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