Changes to the Event Schedule of Alliance Showdown


Important information! The Alliance Showdown event will now be held once every three weeks, this is due to the emergence of new events for alliances. The number of phases of rewards has also been changed from 30 to 20.

Rules of Alliance Showdown Event

  1. Sign-up period will end 10 minutes before the event officially starts. Alliances that have at least 20 members can sign up. Members that have Lv.15+ Castle can accept event quests.
  2. If you join another alliance AFTER the event starts, you may not be able to accept quests during the event.
  3. Please complete quests before they expire.
  4. Cancelling quests will still take up your quest quota. Please accept quests that you have confidence in completing.
  5. All members of the alliance share the same quest list. R4+ officers can delete pending quests.
  6. When a quest is accepted or deleted, a new quest will be available in 30 mins.
  7. You can accept up to 8 quests and claim up to 20 phases of rewards.

About Rewards

  1. The top 3 alliances in total pts (phase 8+ required) in each group will get rank rewards.
  2. Phase rewards are claimable within 3 days after the event ends. Please claim before expiry!


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