New Immigration Rules


Rules of Immigration Application Review

  1. Trigger Conditions: In accordance with existing immigration rules, if a Lord’s highest Might (Unit Might excluded) or castle level is ranked top 10 in the target kingdom, an immigration application needs to be initiated.
  2. Application Approval: All people in the target kingdom may see the immigration application, yet only the Ruler has the authority to approve it. This right will be granted to the Lord with the highest Might if there is no Ruler in the target kingdom.
  3. Approval Time:
    • The immigration application will be automatically approved if the target kingdom’s Ruler doesn’t process it within 72 hours.
    • Upon manual or automatic approval, the Lord has 24 hours to finish immigrating. If the Lord fails to relocate within the given time, the approval will be invalidated.
    • A rejected Lord must wait 168 hours before applying again to the same kingdom (no cooldown for other kingdoms).
  4. The result of approval will be notified to the Lord via in-game mail. So please remember to check your mailbox after sending an immigration application.


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