Questions And Answers (March, 2022) Pt.2


Dear lord, Your votes for when you would like to do battle for the Overlord War have been tallied!
In line with your wishes, you will be given a chance to occupy the Gale Fortress and Blaze Fortress today. You will then be able to occupy the Frost Fortress and Boulder Fortress tomorrow and the Blade Fortress and Frost Fortress the day after tomorrow. Please read through the list provided below should you wish to learn more about this event, and be sure to prepare for battle if you’ve already qualified for it!

  1. Q: How can I join this event?
    A: If you have a Level 26 or higher castle and your kingdom has managed to qualify for this event, you can then use an entrance ticket to participate. Alternatively, you can purchase tickets for this event by navigating to your Bag and then tapping on Diamond Shop. Please note that you will be able to leave or else re-enter this event at any time.
  2. Q: Will my castle be attacked during this event?
    A: If you place your castle within the Cursed Land, it will be vulnerable to enemy attacks. Once defeated, your castle will then be relocated to your original kingdom. However, castles in the outer and middle zones won’t be vulnerable to attacks, meaning you can avoid enemy advances during this event by placing your castle within the middle zone and joining rallies against fortresses.
  3. Q: Will my resources be plundered during this event?
    A: Players can’t plunder resources from castles located on the event map.
  4. Q: Could my units be killed during this event?
    A: Your infirmary will be able to accommodate 70% of your casualties, while the rest will inevitably die. When your infirmary is full, units will be sent to the Time Altar. Therefore, it is vital to ensure you have space in both the infirmary and your Time Altar.
  5. Q: Can I earn personal points or other rewards for killing enemies or occupying certain places during this event?
    A: Unfortunately, rewards such as those described above are not currently available.
  6. Q: Will I be given compensatory points after the war if my units are defeated during a fortress battle?
    A: Unfortunately, compensatory rewards cannot be claimed for lost fortress battles.
  7. Q: How can I qualify for the Overlord, Grand Warden, and Supreme King wars?
    A: In line with new rules, kingdoms will be divided into several groups who will then engage in a scramble for a given fortress during the Overlord and Grand Warden wars. Kingdoms that fight in said battles will automatically qualify for the Supreme King war.
  8. Q: Will joining a new alliance, leaving my current alliance, or emigrating affect my participation in this event?
    A: Joining a new alliance, leaving your current alliance, or emigrating will not affect your participation in this event.
  9. Q: How can I occupy a fortress or else earn credit for time spent occupying it?
    A: To occupy a fortress, you will have to initiate or join a rally. A battle will then commence unless the occupant of a targeted fortress happens to be a member of your alliance, at which time your troops will be automatically listed as reinforcements. For this reason, you would do well to convince powerful players within your kingdom to join your alliance. However, only the initiator of a rally will be credited for the amount of time the troop managed to occupy any given fortress. For that reason, you would also do well to initiate a rally before other members of your alliance do.
  10. Q: How can I become an Overlord, a Grand Warden, or a Supreme King, and what benefits or privileges do I stand to earn by becoming one?
    A: Lords who spend the most time occupying a fortress in corresponding wars stand to be named Overlord, Grand Warden, or Supreme King, at which time they will also be granted control of the relevant fortress. Furthermore, they also stand to earn certain other rewards and privileges, such as being given the right to bestow specific titles, host feasts, and issue decrees.
    Supreme Kings will be able to bestow one King’s Might Pack upon a chosen lord located within their territory. That chosen lord will then be able to use that pack to obtain certain precious items, such as a Mythic Curio Scroll Chest, a Curio Material Choice Chest, and so on. On top of that, Supreme Kings will also be able to give 15 King’s Reign Packs and 50 King’s Grace Packs to other chosen lords within their territory.
    Overlords, Grand Wardens, and Supreme Kings can also host exclusive feasts with limited seats. Lords within their territories will then be able to reap remarkable rewards for attending said feasts.


  1. Hi, I’ve been seeing some of my alliance members that have special fonts for their Usernames, I tried applying myself by copy and paste but they never work, could I get a list of fonts the would work for changing your username?


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