Immigration Rules Update


Immigration & Stationing Rules Adjustment

Your Grace, we have for you Immigration & Stationing Rules Adjustment in Puzzles and Conquest game.

it’s been more than two years since Puzzles & Conquest was released, and the game is still going strong. This would never have been possible had it not been for your continued love and support, thus why we are so dedicated to improving your experience wherever possible.

That being said, we have recently been made aware that certain facets of the game have been impairing your gaming experience. With that much in mind, we’ve decided to make some changes to the following rules in the forthcoming update: (For details please check the picture below)

  1. Whether or not you can emigrate will now be subject to the date your character was created and the server you’re moving to. Furthermore, the number of items needed to emigrate will be determined by your castle’s level. All other requirements will remain unchanged. Please visit our official community for more details.
  2. Limits will also be imposed on the number of units you can station on your wall. You will also be able to station an increasingly larger number of units as your castle’s level increases. If you have more units than you can station at a given time, your higher-tier units will be stationed first. After the said adjustments are rolled out, you will be able to station 25,000,000 units on your wall once your castle reaches Lv.40.

Thank you once again for continuing to play Puzzles and Survival. Please do not hesitate to let us know should you have any ideas or suggestions regarding these or any future adjustments so that we can continue to improve the game.

These adjustments will be added in subsequent version updates, so please keep an eye out for our update announcement.


Thanks to the positive feedback from the lords, we decided not to change the immigration rules after the communication and discussion with devs. Regarding the Wall restriction rule, it will be updated normally, and the estimated update time is 5-10.

  1. We would like to inform you that if the troops in your city do not reach the maximum number of defenses, then the new rules will not apply.
  2. The number of casualties in a single defensive battle will not exceed the defensive limit, and unmounted soldiers will not take casualties.


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