Troop training guide


In this guide we’ll talk about training new troops in Puzzles & Conquest for your army. How to do this more profitable in terms of resources and faster in order to spend less Speedups and resources on training new units for the army. This is necessary to increase the Might of your account.

Training process

Troop training takes place in Barracks. There are 4 buildings in the game related to your units:

  • Infantry Barracks
  • Ranged Barracks
  • Cavalry Barracks
  • Siege Factory

All these buildings allow you to train a specific type of troops. Depending on the level of the building, specific types of warriors will be available to you, each next type of troop will be stronger than the previous one in terms of general characteristics. The maximum battle units are available at level 40 of the building development.

You can control the number of trained units with the slider at the bottom of the screen. You can control the production time for use best Speedups. Also, this time can be reduced by means of some improvements.

Speed up training time through the Lord’s talents

The talents responsible for speeding up the workout are located in the “Balance” tab. If you have already levelup other talents and want to reset them, you can do it for free if you have the VIP 10 status. If this status is not yet available to you you can purchase a special “Talent Reset” token in the Alliance store in the “Misc” tab for 160,000 Alliance Coins. This item resets all the Lord’s talents and you can setup them at your will. The reset of talents is also available for 1,000 diamonds.

After this procedure we proceed to setup of talents in the Balance branch. The main Talents that you need to levelup:

  • Training Speed I
  • Cost Red. (reduce training and heal resources cost by 25% for 60 mins. CD: 24 hrs)
  • Training Speed II

These are the three main skills that will speed up the training process.

On VIP 8 you will have access to the “Talent Memory” function allows you to memorize the layout of talents to speed up filling after reset. We advise you to pay attention to this option since resetting talents in the game and setuping them is a frequent procedure.

Territorial buffs

Territory buffs have a section for the economic skills “Economic Stimulant”. You can also speed up the process of training your troops in it.

Expanding it you will find several speedups options.

The simultaneous use of all speedups is not stacks. Only the maximum will be valid.


The game provides items that you put on your Lord to enhance the characteristics. In the cell “Time-limited artifacts” you can purchase the “Trainer Staff” for 1 day, which will increase the training speed of your troops by 20%. Don’t forget to wear the artifact after purchase.

Please note after the expiration of one day, the artifact will disappear and if you want to speed up the training process again, you will have to buy it again. The cost of the artifact is 3,000 diamonds, but sometimes promotions are held in the store that halve the cost. Visit the store more often if you do not want to spend extra diamonds.


In the building “Institute” you can also passively increase the speed of training troops. These perks are located in the Development and Development II sections. The options we need are found at the bottom of the list. “Development I” you can speed up the process by 20%, in “Development II” – by 50%.

These are all the options we know to speed up the process of training troops in Puzzles & Conquest. If you know more options, write them in comments.


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