The Wall in Puzzles and Conquest is one of the basic buildings. It serves to protect your Castle from the attacks of other players. The improvement of this building is closely related to other buildings of the Castle and the level of development of the territory.

The description of the building is formulated in the Walls menu as follows:
“The first line of defense. Upgrade to increase Wall DEF”.

Let’s take a closer look at what a building is on the game map.

Why the Wall is in the game?

The Wall serves as a protective function for your Fortress. This is a checkpoint where you can set up the Castle Defense Team. If you are attacked by Monsters (during the “Demon Incursion” event) or any player encroaches on you for the purpose of robbery the Team of Heroes will hold the defense.

This happens automatically without your direct participation. The system itself compares ratings and Power indicators. To improve your defense you should increase the Might of your army including with the help of Upgrading the Wall building.

In order to place your Defense Team you need to go to the building menu and click on the “Defense Info” tab, which shows the maximum number of fighters put up (for example, 5/5). This is an icon with a great helmet and a Wall.

Under the “Defense Info” menu you will see five slots in which you can place Heroes from your list. Available Heroes can be viewed in the “Heroes” tab in the main menu of the Castle (bottom panel). To protect the Castle it is preferable to put up the Rainbow Deck of Heroes.

In this menu you also can see your Lord, his level, name, the number of reserve Heroes (those that are in the Hero gallery and are not involved in defense), Improvement Details (Bonus Skills available in your territory).

The “Repair Wall” tab will show the available level of Protection by points and indicate the rule according to which the Wall mechanism works. “When defeated by a plunderer, your territory will be set on fire for 30 mins. Your territory will be automatically relocated when the Wall DEF drops to 0”.

Building development levels

To Upgrade the Wall in Puzzles and Conquest in the main building menu you can click on the “Upgrade” button and start the upgrade process. If an improvement is not available check if all the Requirements are did and if all materials are selected to increase the level of the building.

LevelWall DEF
18 000
28 100
38 200
48 300
58 400
68 500
78 600
88 700
98 800
108 900
119 000
129 200
139 400
149 600
159 800
1610 000
1710 200
1810 400
1910 600
2010 800
2111 000
2211 300
2311 600
2411 900
2512 200
2612 500
2712 800
2813 100
2913 400
3013 700
3114 000
3214 300
3314 600
3414 900
3515 200
3615 500
3715 800
3816 100
3916 400
4016 700


The table shows which levels of development of the Wall building improve the protection of your Castle.

How can I find the Wall in Puzzles and Conquest?

The Wall is available to you at start playing in the Castle. You do not need to build a Wall or wait until any level of your Castle develops.

To find a building you should go into the game and look at the main screen of your Castle. On the second floor of the buildings under the Castle fortress on the right you will see the Fortification Wall, which consists of a gate and two wall towers with loopholes. This is where the Wall is located in the game Puzzles and Conquest.


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