Campaign in Puzzles and Conquest game is a building which gives you an opportunity to participate in the battles to free the Kingdom from the Undead. The Campaign provides a large number of Chapters that must be completed as the account and team of Heroes develop.

“Complete Campaign Chapters to progress with the Main Quest”, – in the tutorial intro to the game, the beginner is told why the Campaign needs to be completed.

In this article, we will take a closer look at what can be gained from completing the sections of the Campaign, as well as what conditions exist for the Lord to participate in it.

Why the Campagn is in the game?

The Campaign is one of the main components of the game mechanics. Since the name itself has the meaning: Puzzles and Conquest, it can be concluded that the game is a mixture of puzzle and strategy. So, the part with the puzzle assumes a “3 stones in a row” competition, in which the player is given stones of different colors (elements) in order to make combinations of them and hit the enemy team with magical powers.

You play in the Campaign in PvE format (against the computer). A playing field-grid appears in front of you, which creates many multi-colored Stones of Elements (Magic Sigils), which, with various combinations of 3-4-5 stones in some, turn into a magical impact force. At the same time, Heroes accumulate their elemental mana and can release it for an ultimate attack.

Hordes of Undead and Monsters of different levels will oppose you in the Campaign. Heroes of different power levels can be encountered as bosses. You can use the Auto Battle function during the battle, which is available at the 5th VIP level of your Lord. This feature is handy for completing levels that you have already beaten with the First Victory reward.

Auto mode does not guarantee you an automatic victory, so you should measure your strengths and the power of the mobs. Also, the system is quite dependent on the randomness, because the stones on the field do not always give good elemental combinations.

After a while you will start collecting Demonic Chests, which give you the ability to skip the fight and immediately receive a reward. This system is called “Blitz” and can be activated in the menu of the selected battle within the Campaign Section. Demonic Chests can be obtained as a reward for completing Daily Quests (in special Chests on the reward track).

About Rewards

The main meaning of completing Campaign tasks is is to improve your Heroes. The team of combat characters has their own system for improving characteristics, which implies the Evolution of Heroes. At certain levels of character development, you will need to invest in special items in a certain amount, which can be received as a reward for completing the Campaign.

Also, as a reward, you can get items such as:

  • Fairy Feather,
  • Oath Runes,
  • Speed-Ups,
  • Staff of Power,
  • Havoc Shield,
  • Enchanted Sword,
  • Soulstones, etc.

Building levels

There are a certain number of Chapters on the Campaign map in the Puzzles and Conquest game, which are subdivided into Stages. There are currently 24 Campaign Chapters in the game, as well as an additional Portal of increased difficulty – Lost Land, which can be seeing on the map after passing the 12th Chapter “Barren Land”.

In each Section there is an increase in the difficulty of Monsters. There can be several Stages of varying complexity even in one Chapter. You will be shown what typical mobs are represented in this duel by the type of their Elements at each stage.

1Damn Forest
2Misty Bay
3Starfall Plain
4Titan Strait
5Costa Dorada
6Marsh of Tear
7Mt. Blade
8Otto Icefield
9Mt. Icewood
10Grandia Ruins
11Al-Burr Sands
12Barren Land
13Cursed Land
14Thorn Valley
15Mystic Glades
16Grand Islands
17Valley of Battle
18Old Battelfield
19Godfall Land
20Lament Valley
21Chaos Glades
22Doom Volcano
23Hellfire Cape
24Calamity Ridge
AddLost Land


How can I find the Campaign in Puzzles and Conquest?

The Campaign will be active and open to the player at the beginning of the game, you just need to go through the tutorial and go to the Castle. To find a structure, you should select the main game screen (the territory of the Castle and buildings there), then move the pointer to the Castle (Palace). To the right of the Castle, under the Huge Egg (or Dragon) on a separate island, there is a Portal, which is indicated by a blue glow. This gate is the building of the Campaign.

A Golden Heart icon may appear above the building. This image is interactive and indicates that you have accumulated Action Points. These points are consumed by participation in the Campaign. They regenerate automatically over time. You can use the item Braveheart (in the Lord’s Bag) to replenish, which can be won or bought.

To participate in the Campaign in the Puzzles and Conquest game, click on the Campaign Portal and select the appropriate Chapter, then click on the Stage available for the game and activate the “Attack” button at the bottom of the menu.


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