The Castle in Puzzles and Conquest is the main building of your Territory. The Castle Level is an indicator of your Lord’s Might. As you progress through you will need to improve the Castle. “The foundation of your great cause. Upgrade to unlock more buildings”.

Improvements depend on the levels of other buildings in your territory the most important is your Wall. You cannot upgrade the Castle if the Wall has not been upgraded. You also need to make sure that other buildings are improved by you in time for the evolution of the main building, for example the Cavalry Barracks are important in this matter. You can often notice a chain of dependencies between improving the Castle and a others buildings.

How does the Castle work in Puzzles and Conquest?

Clicking on the Castle opens the inner window of the building. From this menu, you can do the following:

  1. View the level of your Castle.
  2. Change the Color of your Castle (how it will be displayed on the World Map).
  3. Raise the Glory Level of any building (available after the 15th level of the Castle).
  4. Upgrade your Castle (available by clicking the Upgrade button).
  1. Change your name (click next to the character icon and name on the “Pen” button).
  2. View your rank in the Alliance.
  3. See what bonuses the next Castle Upgrade will give (Current level).
  4. Look at the current state of your territory (statistics are available by clicking the “Territory Overview” button).

Territory Overview

One of the useful menu items is the “Territory Overview” located in the upper right corner of the window of the Castle. This is a great display of current statistics on your gameplay. It contains the following information:

  • Fortifications Overview.
  • Resource Statistics (Food, Wood, Iron, Gold).

The resource statistics are categorized into:

  • the amount of resource in the Puzzles and Conquest Castle (“Held: Resource”),
  • daily collection limit (“Cap”),
  • indicator of hourly resource production (“Hourly Output”),
  • hourly ration (for Food)*,
  • the amount of resource in your bag (Total: in the bag).

* Shown is Food eaten by your troops which exceeds the amount of Food in the Warehouse. When your troops have no food, nothing happens.

Use the Territory Overview menu every time you want to level up into an upgrade to strategically calculate the scarcity of each resource and note how well your resources are growing!

Resource Store

To enter the Resource Store menu click on the Food icon at the top of the screen in the city. You can compare this to cash that you can have in your pocket at the moment.

When you pay for something using this resource you first pay out of that “withholding” amount. It is this number that corresponds to how much resource can be plundered by the attacking enemy. Any amount that exceeds your Storage limit for a resource can be looted. It is important to keep track of the quantity for each resource and minimize it in any way possible.

Here are some ways to keep your rate low:

  • to spend;
  • send it to the Alliance Storage on a regular basis (limited to the daily maximum);
  • buy resources from the Mystery Shop which not only gives you more resources, but also moves them into a safe bag.

The amount of resources in the Castle is increased in the following ways:

  • collecting a resource from your Perimeter in the Castle;
  • collecting a resource on the World Map from Farms, Lumber Camp, etc.;
  • you can withdraw a resource from the Alliance storage;
  • use the Lord’s Talent “Fast Producer”;
  • you can get a resource through a Wish from the Statue of the Goddess;
  • receive it as a gift delivered to you from another member of the Alliance (requires a huge tax and could well exceed your safe storage limit).

Daily limit and hourly resource productivity

These two parameters work together to give an idea of how much resources can be harvested from your Castle in Puzzles and Conquest.

Collecting resources from your resource buildings is an ongoing task and it is unlikely you will get hourly performance per hour. However it is possible that you will reach the resource limit, which is only 10 hours out of a possible 24 hours.

If you take advantage of the lord’s talent “Fast Producer” you will receive five times more hourly productivity. This is not included in the daily resource limit. Talent can be activated twice a day it effectively doubles the daily resource limit.

What’s in your bag?

The bag is the safest place for your resources as it is infinite and no enemy can reach it. You can compare it to money in an endless safe in a bank, which you cannot spend without taking the trouble to withdraw. If possible you should refrain from using resources from your Bag.

Once removed from the Bag the amount of resources is increased to an unprotected “held” amount. You can only move resources back to the Bag by purchasing them in the Mystery Shop (available after level 12 of the Castle) which is rarely available and therefore cannot be relied on. It is recommended that you regularly check the “Mystery Shop” and use it for this purpose whenever the opportunity arises.

The total amount of the “Total in the bag” resource is increased in the following ways:

  • a certain amount of resource was given as a reward (Events);
  • exchange through the Mystery Shop;
  • purchase in the Store;
  • through gifts from the Alliance.

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