Divination Event


Divination Event in Puzzless and Conquest game is an entertainment event which one offers you to form a prize fund that includes 9 individual prizes as you’ve seen at another drawings like Joy 777 Event or Lucky Draw Event. All rewards are divided into levels. From the Gold list you can choose 2 awards, from the Silver list – 3, and from the Bronze – 4. As you can see, the most valuable awards are at the Gold level. You can find 5 star heroes among them.

Rules of Divination Event Puzzless and Conquest

  • Pick 9 prizes from the treasure trove to create your own prize pool.
  • Use Lucky Coins to get rewards from this fund.
  • Lucky coins can be obtained by completing daily quests and buying Diamonds for the account.
  • You can start a new round of Divination when all 9 rewards have been received.
  • Remember to use your Lucky Coins before the event ends.
  • Each divination has a chance to give additional Luck Coins.

How to play

  1. Pick the prizes to form Prize Pool.
  1. Press the button to create a prize pool, then you will see a window with 9 cards in it. Each of them will display the selected award.
  1. After you pressing the “Divination” button, the cards will be shuffled and turned face down to stop you from seeing the rewards.
  1. To make one card open you’ll need 5 Luck Coins. The rates will increase to 8 Luck Coins on the next round and so on.

How to get Luck Coins

As we wrote above, coins can be obtained for completing daily quests, as well as buying with diamonds. One Luck Coin is awarded for every 100 Diamonds received for purchasing sets during the event. To open one card you need to spend 500 diamonds.

Free coins are obtained by completing daily quests. For every 25 points, you will receive one coin. And for one attempt you will need to complete quests for 125 points. We wish you best of luck with the Divination in Puzzles and Conquest event and a quick catch of the Gold Tier rewards.


  1. Can you save lucky coins for the next event, or will they be lost or converted when the event ends?


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