Xmas Tree Decor Event


«Xmas Tree Decor» Event Puzzles and Conquest is a holiday event that is part of the 2022 Christmas and New Years Festival. You recently saw a similar challenge, which involved setting fireworks at the festival and helping the Allied Lords. Now the conditions have changed a bit and players are invited to decorate the Christmas tree. Let’s see in more detail.

«Xmas Tree Decor»’s Rules Puzzles and Conquest

Lord, you have been given a Xmas Tree and you’ll find out what color it is after you light it up. Let other lords help you with the decor. When it’s done, you’ll receive a reward.

  1. During the event, Xmas Trees will appear in the territory. You may light one up and ask other lords to help you decorate it. When you complete the decor quest, there’ll be claimable rewards.
  2. Xmas Trees are of three colors: red, green, and blue. The color of your Xmas Tree is randomly determined.
  3. You can tap another lord’s avatar or castle to help decorate the Xmas Tree he/she lit up. By offering help to others, you will receive Bells of the corresponding color in return. Every day you can obtain a maximum of 15 Bells. The Bells can be exchanged for items in the event shop.
  4. The progress bar can be filled up once daily. A Xmas Tree with 100% progress can no longer receive more help on that day.

How to participate

To take part in «Xmas Tree Decor» event, you should go to the Holiday Events menu of your in-game Events menu and go to the inner window by clicking on the panel of this event. There you will see the event rules and three buttons: Xmas Tree, Exchange Shop, Go.

The first button “Xmas Tree” will redirect you to the Christmas tree decoration menu. To take part, click on the button under the Christmas tree “Activate”. Your tree of a certain color will appear in the center of the window. To raise the level of gifts, you will need to take an active part along with other Lords of the Alliance. The Christmas tree will improve to 30/30 after receiving help from the neighbors of the Lords.

The “Go” button will show your castle in relation to other buildings on the World Map. You can choose the castles of other Lords available for help and help them decorate the Christmas trees. For this you will receive progress in the task.

The “Exchange Shop” button will redirect you to the menu for receiving rewards. Special items can be used: Green Bell, Red Bell, Blue Bell. These items can be exchanged for prizes in the Exchanger at a certain rate. When the event ends, all bells will disappear.

About Rewards

The growth reward is provided when receiving help from the allied Lords. When you fill in the Christmas tree development indicator, you will have access to reward options:

  • Diamond Chest (used to get 1 Diamond),
    Fest Chest (a chest with epic rewards, can be obtained in the Saurland Celebration) – includes a 5-star Hero Choice Card, Speedups, Shards and Essences),
  • Speedups 60-min.,
  • Green, blue and red bell,
  • Hero skin frag.

The event also has an Exchange Shop, where you can get various rewards, for example:

  • Avatar frame “Xmas Snowman” (Permanent) – bonus to Cavalry Attack + 5%,
  • “Xmas Snowman” Nameplate (Permanent),
  • 120 Stamina, Brave Heart,
  • Shield of Grace (24 hr) and others.

Participate in the «Xmas Tree Decor» Event Puzzles and Conquest and earn holiday gifts!


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