Lucky Draw Event


Lucky Draw Event in Puzzles & Conquest takes place within three days. Here you can choose the desired rewards from the presented ones and try to win them in the slot machine. The chances of winning the most expensive awards are very small, but they grow with each new attempt. Among the rewards, I would like to note the presence of 4-5 stars rare heroes, which are of the highest rank, as well as chests with diamonds that can be spent on necessary items in the store.

Rules of Lucky Draw Event Puzzles and Conquest

  1. Select 12 rewards from the treasury to generate your own prize pool.
  2. Consume Lucky Coins to draw rewards from the pool.
  3. Lucky Coins can be obtained via completing daily quests and recharging Diamonds.
  4. You can start a new round of divination when all 12 rewards are claimed.
  5. Don’t forget to use Lucky Coins before the event ends.
  6. Each draw has a chance to grant extra Lucky Coins.
  7. Initial drop rates:
  8. Gold Tier: 0.02%
  9. Silver Tier: 1.32%
  10. Bronze Tier: 98.66%

How to play

The first thing you need to do is to form the prize pool for the event. So, these are the items that you will receive during the game. In our opinion, 5-star heroes are the greatest value of rewards. In total, you can choose 12 awards from 3 levels of prizes:

  • Gold (you can choose 2 awards),
  • Silver (you can choose 4 awards),
  • Bronze (6 awards can be chosen).

Rewards are categorized by value. The most valuable ones are at the Gold Level and only two of them can be selected. Thanks to this event, you have the chance to get the coveted 5-star hero. In order to select a reward, just tap on it and it will be ticked off.

After choosing the rewards in the Lucky Draw event, you need to create a Prize Pool by clicking on the corresponding button above “Create Prize Pool”.

Then you will be taken to the screen of the game itself. In fact, this is a regular slot machine in which you will have to press a button for Lucky coins and play the selected prizes.

Each new draw will ask you for more roulette coins. So, if for the first drawing you need only 3 coins of Luck, then for the second you will need 6 coins and so on.

A new Prize Pool can only be formed after all prizes have been won.

We wish you the best of luck with the Lucky Draw Event in Puzzles and Conquest game and a quick catch of the Gold Tier rewards.


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