Dragonia War Event


Dragonia War Event in Puzzles & Conquest is one of the most important events in the game. An Alliance that can occupy the main Castle “Dragonia” on the map will be able to rule the kingdom for a certain time, and the Lord of this Alliance will establish his own rules in the kingdom (name, migration rules, distribute the ranks of assistants, etc.).

The strongest alliances of the kingdom participate in this event, so for a successful campaign you need not only all members of the alliance, but also strong allies.

Dragonia War Rules

  1. Occupy Dragonia for unprecedented fortune and glory of your Lord and Alliance! The ruler of the kingdom will be elected according to the results of the War of the Dragon.
  2. Dragonia can be occupied by the alliance that has it under control for 8 consecutive hrs.
  3. All Lords can dispatch troops to attack/reinforce Dragoria/Altar in Contest Status.
  4. When Dragonia is occupied by a different alliance of an Altar, the Altar will attack Dragonia to deal great damage to the defense
  5. The maximum defense size is determined by the occupier’s rally size.
  6. During Dragonia War, 70% of casualties in battles over Dragonia/Altars will be sent to Infirmary.


  1. First of all, you need to gather all the Alliance and attract as many allied Alliances as possible.
  2. Try to occupy three or all four Altars, which are found around the main Castle of Dragonia. If the Altars are occupied by your enemies, and you are holding the Dragonia at this time, then every 5 minutes these altars will inflict damage on your troops.
  3. One strike of the Altar will destroy approximately 1500-2000 units of your troops. Accordingly, if the enemies occupied all 4 structures around Dragonia, then every 5 minutes you will lose 6000-8000 troops.
  4. After you have occupied Dragonia, you should constantly monitor the state of troops and fortifications. Add them as needed.
  5. It is necessary to hold the central building for 8 hours.

Wish you good luck with Dragonia War Event and to become a successful Ruler of your Kingdom!


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