Joy 777 Event


Joy 777 Event in Puzzles and Conquest – it is a standart slot machine that brings you randomly valuable prizes, including 5 star heroes Viridis, Horus or Lira. Coins to spin the reel are given for activity in the game. To collect the maximum number of coins per day, you need to collect 180 activity points. In total, you can get 8 coins per day for free.

Rules of Joy 777 Event

  1. During the event, you can complete certain objectives to get Joy Coins, which are used to spin the slot machine.
  2. Make sure you claim all the Joy Coins before they disappear (the process is updated daily).
  3. Each spin increases the points of Joy. 100% of the Joy points are guarantee the Jackpot.
  4. Unused Joy coins will disappear (will be removed) when the event ends.

Gameplay Recomendations

  1. If you play actively every day, then it will not be difficult for you to pick up 8 coins daily for free.
  2. Each spin of the machine increases the “Joy Points” by 2%.
  3. To get the guaranteed Jackpot (hitting 777), you need to make 50 spins.
  4. The chance of hitting three Sevens while spinning the drum is 0.8%.
  5. Activity points can be viewed in the Quests – Daily Quest menu.
  6. In the same place (Daily Quest) you can see the remaining requirements for obtaining points.

We wish you to take the Jackpot in Joy 777 Event in Puzzles and Conquest fun contest!


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