Game Update 2023-02-23


Dear Lord,

Patch note in 02-23 version, Maintenance will be performed on February 23 09:00-10:30 UTC Have great day~


1. Gate of the Abyss:

a. March time is fixed at 30 seconds.

b. Now you must wait 71 hours before participating in the Gate of the Abyss event again instead of being in the alliance for a set period of time.

2. Auto Battle is no longer included in VIP 5 benefits. You can clear Campaign Chapter 5 or buy any pack to unlock Auto Battle.

3. Increased Soulstone capacity for Storage at certain levels.

4. The exclamation mark will disappear after viewing a newly acquired item in Bag.

5. When using Quick Select for march deployment, recommended heroes will be deployed automatically.

6. You can now use your Soulstones quickly until you reach your Storage limit.

7. You will lose fewer points for each loss or tie after reaching Gold or a higher grade in Military Expedition.


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