Moon Well


The Moon Well in Puzzles and Conquest is a resource building on your Castle territory. In order to develop you should place these buildings together with other mines.

The following is written about the Moon Well in the game:
«Build and upgrade Moon Well to gain more Soulstones. Its production will halt when territory Soulstone limit is reached».

Let’s take a closer look at why the content development team introduced this building into the gameplay and understand its functions.

Why the Moon Well is in the game?

The Moon Well like other resource buildings produces a special resource – Soulstones. An interactive icon with a green crystal appears above the building on the main screen of the Castle. When you click on the icon you collect the mined Soulstones into your resource building – the Warehouse.

If the mined amount of stones in the Castle exceeds the amount of the resource protected by the Warehouse,your supplies will fall into the red zone. On the top panel of the Castle Main Screen you will see the amount of basic resources. If you do not use the stones to upgrade the Heroes, then you can become an attractive Castle for robbery.

To use Soulstones, you can go to the Heroes menu (in the lower panel of the Castle Main Screen), select the Hero card you want to upgrade. Then click on the Upgrade button at the bottom of the Hero’s internal menu. With a amount of stored Soulstones, this button will be highlighted in a special way.

Building development levels

To upgrade the Moon Well in Puzzles and Conquest you can use the Upgrade button in the building’s internal Menu. You have 40 levels of building evolution available.

Each Level will give its maximum supply of Soulstones in the building and the amount of produced resource. You will observe an increase in these characteristics with the improve of your building. A summary of development data is shown in the table.

LevelSoulstone OutputSoulstone Cap
12072 250
22162 250
32252 300
42352 350
52452 450
62562 560
72672 670
82792 790
92912 910
103043 040
113173 170
123313 310
133453 450
143603 600
153753 750
163913 910
174084 080
184214 210
194344 340
204474 470
214604 600
224734 730
234864 860
244994 990
255145 140
265295 290
275445 440
285625 620
295805 800
306006 000
316126 120
326246 240
336366 360
346486 480
356606 600
366736 730
376866 860
386996 990
397127 120
407267 260


How can I find the Moon Well in Puzzles and Conquest?

To build the Moon Well you need to open the first Building Locations, which are available on the 1st level of the Castle and enter the Build menu. In one of the slots you will see a choice among the construction of resource buildings. You can add the Moon Well to the territory of the Castle in the amount of 3 buildings at the beginning.

Then you build the first Well a Green crystal will appear above it after a while. Click on it and you will collect the number of Soulstones that are available to you on the first level of the building. Build new structures and upgrade them to get resources. This will help you to quickly develop your Castle and become a rated Lord in your Kingdom. Moon Well in Puzzles and Conquest will help you on this mission!


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