The Bank in the game Puzzles & Conquest is a special building that allows you to get an increase in the number of Diamonds for a certain amount of time. This facility will help you protect your savings.

In the game, the explanation about the building from the developers sounds like this:
“Choose a financing program and get a high percentage of your contributions.”

Consider what features can be seen in the banking structure.

Why the Bank is in the game?

You can understand from the name what function the Bank performs in the game process – it is the saving of the diamonds and operations with it. What does this mean?

When you enter the internal building menu, you are presented with several options that the banking system provides in the game. At the moment, there are four Deposit options available, with which you can open the Diamonds deposit.

The types of Deposits are as follows:

  • 1-day Deposit at 7%. Available only after purchasing any set for real money in the Store.
  • 7-day Deposit at 7%. One at a time.
  • 14-day Deposit at 20%. One at a time.
  • 30-day Deposit at 50%. One at a time.

The mechanics of making a Deposit in the game are as follows. You store the minimum amount for the deposit of Diamonds, which is 1000 pcs. Then you choose how long you want to deposit and at what percentage you want to put your game diamonds. Click on the required options window.

When you activate a deposit a countdown will appear in the Deposit window until the end of the deposit. During the validity of the Deposit you cannot use the embedded Diamonds, they are debited from your account on the main screen of the Castle.

There is an additional option that you can activate after the start of the Deposit – the “Interest-free” button. It removes the accumulation of interest from the deposit, that is you will receive only those diamonds that you invested.

When your Deposit finishes you will receive a letter from Lux to the game Mail and you should go to the Bank as soon as possible and take your Diamonds with interest. The deposit is not automatically prolonged and the money will be returned only after you physically visit the Bank menu in the Puzzles & Conquest game.

Deposit Options

The summary table shows what conditions are given by each of the options for the contribution of Diamonds.

Name Expiration Return Percentage Min. Deposit Max Deposit
1-day Deposit1 Day7 %1 0001 500
7-day Deposit7 Days7 %1 0001 500
14-day Deposit14 Days20 %1 0001 500
30-day Deposit30 Days50 %1 0001 500

It becomes clear that, other things being equal, average positions are the most relevant. The advantage of a seven-day deposit is that you can have time to return the Diamonds with interest in a week. That is you can prepare for major Events in the game, where you need Diamonds or be in time for the Diamond Exchanger.

If you are interested in a larger accumulation, but you are not ready to lose a month of gameplay, then the 14-day option will help you save up a little more, while keeping your Diamonds from the hands of others, because the second most important point of creating a Bank is to protect against looting. An attack on the Castle you with the loss of important game supplies, useful resources and other troubles. The Warehouse saves your resources and the Bank saves your Diamonds.

Auction House

A new option called Auction House has been added to the Bank building. This is an auction related to items from the Hero Curio category, which can now be crafted in the Blacksmith building (level 20). Items for Hero Curios can be obtained in the Time Rift event, as well as in the Hero Curio event.

Special Scrolls (Sketches), which are needed to craft Hero Curios of various levels and degrees of rarity, are up for auction at the Auction House. You cannot independently put up Scrolls for sale, only those that the system determines itself are included in the list of items available for auction. Players can set their own bids.

The auction Bid will win and the player will receive the Scroll of the Curio if no one outbids his price for the item. You can follow the Bid History by clicking on the scroll in the upper right corner of the Auction House menu.

Bets are placed using Diamonds. There are two betting options available for players:

  • Kingdom Auction (AH) – among the players of your Kingdom,
  • Global Auction (AH) – among all game servers.

Rules for participation in the Auction:

  1. Items are refreshed at regular intervals in Auction House where Lords can bid for the items they want.
  2. If someone bids for an item of which the auction is about to end in less than 5 minutes, the auction time for that item will be reset to 5 minutes.
  3. If you are outbid by another Lord, your Diamonds will be returned 100%.
  4. Expenses of Diamond in Auction House won’t be calculated in Diamond spending events.

Finding the Auction House in the game is simple – click on the Bank building and you will have a choice in the form of interactive icons: Deposit (your bank deposits), Auction House (go to the auction).

How can I find the Bank in Puzzles and Conquest?

The Bank is available immediately after the start of the game, when you enter your Castle. You don’t need to build or upgrade this building. To visit it go to the game and select the main screen of the Castle.

Next to the Tower of Trial, to the left of it, you will see a small building, laid out of gray stones, which is located on a pedestal. Above the building you will see an Exclamation Mark icon. This means that you can take advantage of the opportunity to open a Deposit in the Bank in the game Puzzles & Conquest.


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