Global Hero Curio Event


The Global Hero Curio event in Puzzles and Conquest is an event that lasts several days. During this event, you collect unique items in the game and earn Points. Try to collect all the pieces of the Curios as soon as possible and earn wonderful rewards.

Hero Curio in Puzzles and Conquest

The Heroic Relic event is part of a new update cycle that brings new in-game items to the game – Curios. They can be obtained from the Blacksmith, which has been upgraded to level 20. To create Curios, you should go to the Blacksmith and select the Heroic Curio tab in the building menu.

Hero Curios are special items that add bonuses to the Hero’s stats, Troop stats, and gives Exclusive stats. To activate them, you need to make a Curio in the Blacksmith and inlay the item into the Hero card in the Heroes Menu.

To craft a Curio, you should collect specific items and Scrolls, which are also sold for Diamonds in the new Auction menu. You can craft random Curios and exclusive ones.

Materials for crafting and promoting Curios can include:

  • Curio Promoter,
  • Curio Essence,
  • Curio Instant Craft,
  • Scrolls (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Mythic Curios),
  • Hero Curio Chest,
  • Hero Curio Scrolls Chest,
  • Meteoric Iron.

How to get Points

To earn game Points you need to obtain Materials for Hero Curios. The required materials are reflected in the summary table.

Obtain Curio Promoter1 000 Pts
Obtain 8-star Curio Promoter20 000 Pts
Obtain 1-star Curio Essence100 Pts
Obtain 2-star Curio Essence500 Pts
Obtain 3-star Curio Essence2 000 Pts
Obtain 4-star Curio Essence5 000 Pts
Obtain 5-star Curio Essence20 000 Pts
Craft Common Hero Curio20 000 Pts
Craft Uncommon Hero Curio50 000 Pts
Craft Rare Hero Curio100 000 Pts
Craft Epic Hero Curio200 000 Pts
Craft Mythic Hero Curio500 000 Pts
Promote Hero Curio, Remove Hero Curio to take materials0 Pts

You can receive materials in Events, for example, in the Time Rift Event, which we already wrote about earlier on the site. Of course, if you wish, it can also be taken as a purchase for real money in special Packs in the in-game Mall.

About Rewards

Event Rewards are divided into traditional categories:

  • Points Rewards,
  • Personal Ranking,
  • Kingdom Ranking.

In Rewards for Points, you will accumulate points and get successively in one of the ten Reward Phases.

112 000Blitz Token, 1 х 60m Heal Speed-up, 10 х 10K Food, 10 х 10K Wood
224 000Blitz Token, 1 х 60m Train Speed-up, 10 х 10K Food, 10 х 10K Wood
344 000Blitz Token, 1 х 60m Build Speed-up, 10 х 10K Food, 10 х 10K Wood
460 000Blitz Token, 1 х 60m Research Speed-up, 10 х 10K Food, 10 х 10K Wood
5120 000200 х Diamond, 20 х Mark of Glory, 3 х 30m Speed-up, 10 х 5K Iron, 4 х 2,5K Gold
6240 0002 х Hero Card 4*, 10 х 20K Sauroi EXP, 20K Economy Runestone, 10 х 5K Iron, 4 х 2,5K Gold
7360 0003 х Hero Card 4*, 10 х 20K Sauroi EXP, 20K War Runestone, 10 х 5K Iron, 4 х 2,5K Gold
8500 000500 х Diamond, 250 х 1* Saurgem Essence, 10 х 5K Iron, 4 х 2,5K Gold
9800 0005 х Hero Card 4*, 2 х 10K Lord EXP, 10 х 20K Sauroi EXP, 10 х 5K Iron, 4 х 2,5K Gold
101 000 0001 500 х Diamond, 1 х Research Speedup (30%), 1 х Speed-up 24h, 10 х 5K Iron, 5 х 2,5K Gold

Among the Rewards from the Personal rating, you can find: Rare Hero Curio Scrolls, Rare Hero Curio Scrolls Chest, Hero Curio Scrolls Chest, Meteoric Iron, Curio Instant Craft, 4-star Curio Promoter, 1-star Essence of Curio. The reward will be received if the Lord is among 1,000 Best Lords by points through all kingdoms (not less than 1,000,000) and it gives really generous rating rewards.

The Kingdom rating assumes that the 300 Best Lords of the Kingdom by points (at least 100,000) will receive generous rating rewards at the end of the event. List of Awards:

  • 1st rank: 1,000 x Diamond Chest, 250 x 1-Star Shard of Gear, 250 x 1-Star Saurgem Essence, 250 x 1-Star Gem Essence, 250 x Mark (Sign) of Glory.
  • 2nd rank: 500 x Diamond Chest, 85 x 1-Star Shard of Gear, 85 x 1-Star Saurgem Essence, 85 x 1-Star Gem Essence, 85 x Mark (Sign) of Glory.
  • 3 to 100 rank: 200 x Diamond Chest, 32 x 1-Star Shard of Gear, 32 x 1-Star Saurgem Essence, 32 x 1-Star Gem Essence, 32 x Mark (Sign) of Glory.

Participate in the (Global) Hero Curio Event in Puzzles and Conquest and earn the best Ranked rewards!


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