Heartfelt Challenge Event


Heartfelt Challenge Event in Puzzles & Conquest is a special holiday event. Here you can try to win prizes in a classic slot machine, which is a modification of the game Lucky Draw Event. The chances of winning the most expensive awards are very small, but they grow with each new attempt.

Among the super prizes, we would like to note the presence of a 5-star Hero, who recently appeared in the game in connection with the New Year’s Holidays 2021. As well as holiday Skins for the Castle and frames for the Avatar can be won at game machine.

Rules of the Heartfelt Challenge Event in Puzzles & Conquest

  1. During the event, you can complete certain objectives to get event items to spin the slot machine.
  2. Make sure you claim before they are reset on a daily basis.
  3. Each spin increases Heart Pts. 100% Heart Pts guarantee the jackpot.

How to participate in the drawing

This Event first appeared in the game after Game Update 4.0.58. After the maintance, it was announced that a number of changes and improvements were coming to the game. In this slot machine, you can win a 5-star Hero Caishen, a skin for the Amurville Castle and an Avatar Frame “Reciprocal Love” as a jackpot. These items – a skin and a frame – were added to the game in connection with the celebration of Valentine’s Day (02/14/2021), therefore they have a themed appearance and a corresponding name.

The event appears in the Holiday Events section of your in-game Event Center. To take part, click on the Event Center icon at the top right of the Castle Main Screen, select the Holiday Events section and go to the interactive menu called “Heartfelt Challenge”. This event lasts several days, so make sure to take part every game day.

In the Events menu, you will see a slot machine, a prize shelf and interactive buttons. You can go in two ways:

  1. Play the slot machine immediately after receiving Heart Points x 1 by using the “Spin x 1” button and receive prizes immediately.
  2. Accumulate Heart Points and immediately start multiple winnings by clicking the “Spin x 10” button to get a guaranteed jackpot.

In the “Get items” tab you will be asked to claim a prize for gaming activity “Heart x 1”. You will receive Heart Points for the following activities in the game:

Log in daily during the eventHeart x 1
Today’s activity points reach: 50Heart x 1
Today’s activity points reach: 80Heart x 1
Today’s activity points reach: 120Heart x 1
Today’s activity points reach: 140Heart x 1
Today’s activity points reach: 160Heart x 1
Today’s activity points reach: 180Heart x 1
TOTAL:Heart Pts x 7

So, looking at the table, you can understand that you miss 3 Hearts for the jackpot. If you want to spin x10 chance, you will have to buy a Purchase Pack with themed items for real money. But don’t be discouraged, there is still some chance of winning an exclusive item.

In addition to super prizes, the slot machine also issues regular rewards in the form of chests with Promoters, Resources, Diamonds, Essences and other prizes, including:

  • 5-star Hero Choice Card,
  • Stone of Blessing,
  • Resources,
  • Speedups.

Take part in the draw for the Heartfelt Challenge Event in Puzzles & Conquest and try to get the jackpot, as well as generous rewards!


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