Bulletin: Lux Gift Video Bug


Video advertising in the building Bulletin in Puzzles and Conquest is an additional option that comes with the Quiz. The video preview button allows players to receive Lux Gift Pack with free in-game items.

However, after the recent major Game Update 4.0.79, this option gradually began to show bugs and was disabled for many players. Moreover, in the gaming platform on the PC emulator, the ability to view ads from Google Play is preserved as before, and according to the update rules, it became available to receive a gift more often – once every 4 hours.

Another words, for Puzzles and Conquest players who use the mobile application on their phones, the additional daily reward has disappeared. This angered users of the game and generated a large number of bug reports in the mail of the developers.

And now, after a long silence, we learned that this feature will soon be overhauled. According to an insider, the button for viewing the Video advertisement in the Puzzles and Conquest game will be removed from the Castle with a high degree of probability.

Possible solutions to this error were downloading the old version of the application and disallowing auto-update in the App store, as well as allowing pop-up windows on the phone.

We will wait for news on this issue. Players can still use the Bulletin Building Quiz, although Video advertising in Puzzles and Conquest are not available.


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