Game Update ver. 4.0.79


Today on March 04, 2021 the developers launched another major Game Update 4.0.79 in Puzzles and Conquest, which uses all servers. This was announced on the eve with the help of the traditional message from Lux in system mail menu.

“Headline: Server Maintenance.

Sender: Lux 2021/03/03 07:00:03

Message: Greetings, Your Grace! We are happy to announce that an update is coming!

To prepare for this event, we will be running maintenance starting 2021-03-04 10:00:00 (2021-3-4 07:00:00 UTC) and lasting 1 hour.
Don’t forget to complete your quests before your maintenance break!

Maintenance will be carried out for each kingdom in turn, starting with K1.
Come back after this short pause to enjoy the new content along with gratifying compensation.

We wish you a good day! “

So, all the Kingdoms held their breath, what awaited us in the new Patch for the game. This is the second global update in the game since the beginning of this 2021. I must say that players have been waiting for new, exciting events and changes that can bring with them a new gaming spring season.

Server Maintenance

So, when there are changes in the game, if they are Global, then according to the schedule, each kingdom is sent for exactly one hour for maintenance. This happens from K1 and further up to the last running server at the moment.

As you know, the Kingdoms in the game are named by their code numbers according to the time when their server was launched. Sequential numbering is in progress. At the moment, 98 Kingdoms have been launched in the game Puzzles and Conquest, and this month the launch of K99 has already been announced on March 09, 2021.

While updates are being introduced into the game, gamers cannot enter their Kingdom. When you try to enter the game, instead of the application loading screen, you will see the Announcement window, which warns of the process of changes and announces compensation to each player.

After an hour, an update package will be downloaded to your device when you log into the game. Then the application will restart and, as usual, you will enter the game from the Loading screen, where it will be written that the patch has changed from version 4.0.76 to 4.0.79. Previously, there were only imperceptible version updates that did not require stopping the gameplay.

Game Changes

What do we see in the new version? As stated in the mailing note from Lux:

  1. The game has added Hero Curio, which are unlocked when you reach the 20th level of the Blacksmith.
  2. Added 9 star Warsigil, as well as Level 8-10 Warsigil Blessings.
  3. Added Hero Curio Trial.
  4. Added “Time Rift” – an event for the Alliance featuring match-3 battle available for Lords with level 12+ Castle.
  5. Added Auction House to Bank, available after Castle reaches the 20th level.
  6. Now the Lords will be able to use the func. of search for resource spots in the vicinity of their territory.
  7. Improved Silver Weekly Card Rewards.
  8. Added Floor 121-140 to Warsigil Trial.

Now you can upgrade your equipment even better with the help of improvements to the Warsigils, if you have a high-level Castle. In addition, a large number of new game items have appeared, which are associated with the newly created Global Event “Hero Curio Trial”.

Finding resources has become much more convenient due to the fact that you no longer have to manually search the entire world map with your eyes to find 4-5-6 and so on level Mines, Lamber Camps and Farms. Just go to the World Map and click on the “Magnifier” icon on the screen below, in which you were looking for Monsters and Hell Fortresses of a given level. In the same place, you can now set the levels of resource spots for search.

The Warsigil Trial is one of the steps of the Tower of Trial building on your inner Castle map. This Challenge has been improved and expanded, which is also good news.

The Time Rift is an Alliance event that ranks with the Monster Hunt and Demon Invasion Events. Do not forget to coordinate with your Alliance when this event will be jointly held.

In addition to the announced changes, we also noticed that the Lux Gift reward system in the Bulletin building has been redesigned. Now you can watch the video once every 4 hours, and not once every 8 hours as it was before, and the icon above the building has changed. More rewards – faster development!

Waiting compensation

In the game, according to the established tradition, you can get a set of certain game bonuses for the fact that the server has been suspended. This time you will receive the following kits:

  1. Maint. Compensation (Service Compensation): 300 x Diamonds, 3 x 60 min. Speed-Up, 3 x 60 min. Healing Speed-up.
  2. Change List Reward: 100 x Diamonds.
  3. iOS Recharge Issue Fixed: 300 x Diamonds, 2 x Recal Troop, 3,000 x Soulstones.

Check out the Puzzles and Conquest Game Update 4.0.79 for yourself and don’t forget to pick up all the Compensations that are located on the main screen of the Castle in the form of interactive chests!


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