Military Expedition Event


The Military Expedition Event in Puzzles and Conquest is a major event that takes place between different Kingdoms. The duration of the event is 24 hours. Like other major Events in the game, they are connected with the capture of the Dragonia (the central Castle in the Kingdom).

Rules of Military Expedition in Puzzles and Conquest

  1. The Military Expedition lasts 24 hours.
  2. The First Lord and their Alliance will win instantly after they manage to occupy Draconia and hold it for 8 hours consecutively.
  3. If none succeeds to do that, the winner will be determined by the longest occupation time.
  4. During a Military Expedition, Lords can perform War Relocate to a foreign Kingdom. Please note that only targets within Cursed Land can be attacked.

How to participate

The Military Expedition event is held every two weeks. Naturally, only those Castles that are part of the Alliance and have not the smallest level of development (the ability to participate in joint operations) will receive access to it.

During the event, players from other Kingdoms will transport their Castles to your Kingdom. Usually an expedition is played between four Kingdoms, which are determined by the system as similar in level of development. When the event starts, a special icon will appear on the right side of the screen, indicating the Event. From this moment on, the Dragonia will be in the Competition status (Contestable).

The expedition will take place 24 hours a day. At this time, the Dragonia should be occupied by the foreign Lords and treir allies that came with them. If the Lord occupies the Dragonia Castle, then he will need to hold out for 8 hours in a row. However, before that you will have to reoccupy the central Castle from the current King. If the invaders fail, then the longest occupation attempt will be victorious.

Since during the event the Alliance will be moved to another Kingdom, there are restrictions on movement – only the Cursed Lands (black land on the map). If the occupy attempt fails, then everyone will be automaticaly teleported home kingdom.

There is not only the Dragonia Castle, but also the Altars in the Cursed Lands. If the Altar and the Dragonia are overrun by different opponents (different Alliances), then the Altar will continuously attack the Dragonia in order to break the defenses, cause serious damage to the defense troops, some of whichwill be directly killed. The Altar’s attacks pass through the Shield of Grace.

If the Lord occupies a foreign Dragonia, and his Dragonia (home kingdom) is not occupied by a foreign enemy, then the Shield of Grace will be activated to protect the Lord’s home Dragonia from enemy attacks. The Shield of Grace will also be activated if you manage to drive out the invader. Manually activated Shield of Grace will cancel the previous protection.

About Rewards

  1. Each conquered kingdom guarantees additional sets of rewards for the Rulers.
  2. Colonized kingdoms pay taxes daily in the form of resources. These resources go to the Treasury and the ruler will be able to distribute them.

Ranked Rewards will be sent at the end of the event. They are formed using achievement positions:

  • Conquered Kingdoms,
  • Conquered Kingdoms (Alliance),
  • Expedition Kills (Kingdom),
  • Expedition Kills (Alliance),
  • Expedition Kills (Personal).

Personal Rewards are given for Event Points:

1 200 000200 х Gem Essence 1*
2 400 00050 х Mark of Glory
4 600 000500 х Diamonds
9 000 00010 х Gear Essence 4*
17 500 000100 000 х Economy Runestones
34 000 000100 000 х Military Runestones
66 000 00010 х Essence Choise Chest

Take part in the Military Expedition Event in Puzzles and Conquest and become the outstanding Lord with your Alliance in the International Dragonia War!


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