Warsigil Upgrade Event


Warsigil Upgrade Event in Puzzles and Conquest motivates players to receive Warsigils to increase the power of their Lord and, along the way, earn points in the event, receiving rewards for it. The event is held not only inside the server, but also among all the kingdoms. But in order to receive awards, you have to be not only the winner in your Kingdom, but become the best 300 lords list participiant.

How to get Points

Get 3-star Warsigil10,000 Pts
Get 4-star Warsigil100,000 Pts
Get 5-star Warsigil500,000 Pts
Get 6-star Warsigil1,000,000 Pts
Get 1-star Warsigil Essence100 Pts
Get 2-star Warsigil Essence500 Pts
Get 3-star Warsigil Essence2,000 Pts
Get 4-star Warsigil Essence5,000 Pts
Get 5-star Warsigil Essence20,000 Pts
Get 8-star Warsigil Promote Stone20,000 Pts
Get Warsigil Spinel1,000 Pts
Promote Warsigil0 Pts

About Rewards

As we wrote above, Warsigil Upgrade Event has three reward tables:

  • Points Range,
  • Personal Rank,
  • Kingdom Rank.

There are 10 reward phases in Point Rewards, each of which is unlocked upon reaching a certain point threshold:

Phase NumberPoints
Phase 17 200
Phase 214 400
Phase 326 400
Phase 436 000
Phase 572 000
Phase 6144 000
Phase 7216 000
Phase 8300 000
Phase 9480 000
Phase 10600 000

Among the rewards in each phase there are valuable gifts.

In the Personal Ranking, there is a struggle for very valuable awards and only 300 of the best Lords of the kingdom in terms of points (not less than 600,000) can receive these prizes. For the first place you can get 30 fragments of the 5-star hero Ne Zha. But to take it you will have to spend a lot of effort on preparation or invest a lot of real money. If you’re focusing on shooting units in your Castle, then this hero will be very useful.

Each server has its own situation with a personal rating, it may be more realistic to reach first place in your kingdom.

In the Kingdoms Ranking, there is a struggle between the game servers and only the best 300 Lords of the kingdom in terms of points (not less than 100,000) can receive these prizes at the end of the event. So, your Kingdom should not only take a prize, but you personally must get enough points to qualify for awards.

Get the best prizes in Warsigil Upgrade Event in Puzzles and Conquest and have fun!


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