The Pit in Puzzles & Conquest is a resource building in which you will have to fight for access to the Rare Earth Field. The resources that can be obtained in a special Exchanger will be very useful to you. Access to the building opens after the 16th level of the Castle.

The game provides a description of the structure from the development team and it sounds like this:

  1. Each level of the field is well guarded. Defeat the guards to enter. The higher the level, the better the gathering efficiency.
  2. Lux provides you with her units in battles against these guards, but you will still rely on your own Command and boosts.
  3. When your excavation time in the field ends, you will be forced to leave.
  4. All pits you occupy, apart from those in a safe field, could be stolen by other Lords.
  5. Battles lost in this feature result in fatigue, instead of casualties.
  6. When the fatigue length reaches a certain amount, you will not be able to engage in battles until the fatigue length drops to 0.

In our article, we consider in detail all the features of interaction with this game building.

Why the Pit is in the game?

The Pit is a special building that does not open immediately. When you go to the game menu of the Pit, you will see the inscription: “Lux needs a large number of Rare Earth materials to forge powerful weapons. Gather in the field and exchange Rare Earth for various items.”

This note explains the basic rules of this building. Through participation in the battles in the Pit and travel to the Ore Collection Area you collect Rare Earth Ore. The main screen of the Pit displays three indicators:

  • Current amount of ore,
  • The record for the whole history. The number of defeated Areas, taking into account the reset of the process
  • The current record. The indicator of the open Areas in this session.

There are also several buttons on the main menu of the building:

  • “Exchange” – gives access to the Rare Earth Ore Store,
  • “Weekly Rank” – shows the rating of the Lords,
  • “Enter Field” – transfer to the current level at which the battle for the mines is taking place.

If you choose Regional Teleport you will be move to the current battle location, for example, “Lux can teleport you to Level 4 Field. Move now?” or you can select “Start over” to reset the process. This allows you to change the Field to find new free mining locations.

Collecting ore

When you Teleport from the Pit in Puzzles & Conquest you will be taken to the battle formation selection menu. Here you can choose a team of Heroes and the system will provide you with the troops. “Attacking the pit guards will not take your troops. You will have no victims.” Then you Send your Army into battle. You will have to fight the Dragon.

To effectively complete stages and open new Gathering Fields you can choose Heroes from your list, taking into account the military improvements that each of them gives to their army. You can advance to a certain level. For example, Field Lv.1 has the power of the enemy army of 300,000 units.

You can decide stay and Enter the Level XX Field or move on to your limit. When you select your Gathering Field and press “Enter” you will be told what awaits you next.

For example, at the 4th level you will be prompted by the system: “Regional Collecting Section Lv.4. Mining: 25.2 K/h. You will be able to collect Rare Earth Ore after moving to the collecting section, but during this attempt you will not be able to explore other areas. Proceed?”.

If you agree, you will be prompted to select a Rare Earth Mine to mine the ore. You can scroll through the Sections where the ore placers are located in the selected Area to find an unoccupied option. Many mines will be occupied by other Lords as indicated by the icon – a shard on the red banner.

Let’s say you choose your mine (free), then you have access to digging for a certain time. For example, mining time = 1d 23:59:59. Also the number of robbery attempts is indicated (5), which means available attacks on already occupied mines. In this robbery the mined ore can go to the invader.

Rare Earth Shop

This is an exchange where you can exchange various items for your mined ore. The store contains the following objects (example):

  • 1 x Level 5 Hero Fragment = 350 000 R. Ore,
  • 1 x 20K Sauroi EXP = 16,000 R. Ore,
  • 1 x 2,000 Economy Runestones = 8,000 R. Ore,
  • 1 x 10K Lord’s EXP = 20,000 R. Ore,
  • Saurgems and modificators,
  • Mark of Glory,
  • Resources (Food, Wood, Iron, Gold).

How can I find the Pit in Puzzles and Conquest?

To find the Pit you need to select the main Castle screen, which shows your inner territory and all buildings. Then aim at the left side of the screen relative to the central building – the Castle.

Directly under the Hall of War building and next to the Sanctum you will find the Pit structure. But, in order to enter the internal building menu and do something there, you must first develop your territory to level 16 of the Castle. When you open access to the Pit in Puzzles & Conquest an icon with a miner’s pick will appear above the building.


  1. Can you explain (mechanically) how to auto occupy in Pit? I am at VIP 7, but I don’t see the option. There appears to be a button on the bottom of the screen, but it’s almost entirely covered by the chat screen.


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