Gold Mine


The Gold Mine in Puzzles and Conquest is not immediately available. You need to develop your Castle to level 15 of the building to open it. This is due to the fact that during the game in the early stages you do not need to collect gold reserves.

In game has a short description of the Gold Mine from the creators of the project, which reads as follows:
“The building is available after level 15 of your Castle. Build and upgrade the Gold Mine to get more Gold. Its production will stop when it reaches the limit.”

In this article we will try to find out in more detail what features a structure called the Gold Mine has.

Why the Gold Mine is in the game?

The economy of the Castle includes five main resources: Food, Wood, Iron, Gold and Soulstones. Like the rest of the basic resource buildings the Gold Mine functions on your territory to mine Gold.

When the Mine is ready for production and built an icon in the form of a Gold Coin appears above the structure, which you can click on. Then the resource will be automatically collected from all similar buildings in your Castle.

Gold can also be obtained during a trip on the World map through collecting from a third-party unoccupied Gold Mine, through completing Quests (Coins will appear in your Bag), through an exchange in the Mystic Shop and so on. But the most basic way is to install Gold Mines in your Castle.

Building development levels

Similarly with other resource structures you can build several buildings and level up them. Improvements for the Gold Mine in Puzzles and Conquest are possible from 1 to 40 levels.

The table shows what characteristics the building will have at different levels of development. It shows the summary data on the ratio of the level of development, the volume of gold production and the capacity of the resource.

LevelGold OutputGold Cap
141071 070
151161 160
161271 270
171381 380
181491 490
191601 600
201701 700
211821 820
221941 940
232062 060
242202 200
252332 330
262462 460
272592 590
282722 720
292872 870
303013 010
313163 160
323313 310
333473 470
343643 640
353803 800
363973 970
374144 140
384314 310
394484 480
404644 640


How can I find the Gold Mine in Puzzles and Conquest?

At the beginning of the development of the Castle’s territory your Lord will not have access to the structure of the Gold Mine. In order to open this option in the Build menu you must fulfill the condition the development of the Castle to level 15 and higher.

When it becomes possible to build a Gold Mine you can use the new location that has opened at the 15th level of the Castle for building. There will be several slots on each of which you can place Gold Mines if you wish.

Although by that time more slots will be built up with other buildings if you desperately need to increase the growth of the resource you can always go to the special tab of the internal menu of the building and order its removal from the territory.

When you place the Gold Mine in Puzzles and Conquest you can easily find it in the lower levels of the Castle Territory.


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