Valiant Conquest Event


The description of the Valiant Conquest Event Puzzles and Conquest

Random / Directed Relocate can be used during Valiant Conquest to invade a foreign participating kingdom for 4 hrs. Take the opportunity to kill foreign enemy units and gather foreign resources to win pts for your kingdom and yourself. Diamond Mine gathering limit: x / 8,000

Mechanics of the Valiant Conquest Event

Valiant Conquest lasts for 24 hours. During the event, you will be able to relocate to another kingdom. This can be done using directional relocation (costs 500 diamonds). So you will be placed at the point you need on the kingdom map. Other way you can use random relocation, then you will be placed in a certain position on the map.

In each kingdom, you are given 4 hours to collect resources, or to attack some enemy castles. But if you move to another kingdom this counter for 4 hours is reset and you can attack again.

The counter will also reset to zero if you return to a previously visited kingdom. For example, you attacked Kingdom # 5, you run out of time, you moved to Kingdom # 3, the timer reached zero again, you can move to Kingdom # 5 again to continue the attack with a timer of 4 hours.

How to get Points

To earn points in an event, you need to either kill enemy troops or gather resources.

Killing Points

Kill enemy troops T10 Pts
Kill enemy troops T21 Pts
Kill enemy troops T32 Pts
Kill enemy troops T44 Pts
Kill enemy troops T56 Pts
Kill enemy troops T612 Pts
Kill enemy troops T718 Pts
Kill enemy troops T825 Pts
Kill enemy troops T930 Pts
Kill enemy troops T1045 Pts
Kill enemy troops T1180 Pts

Gathering Points

Gather 1K Food in foreign Kingdom2 000 Pts
Gather 1K Wood in foreign Kingdom2 000 Pts
Gather 1K Iron in foreign Kingdom10 000 Pts
Gather 1K Gold in foreign Kingdom40 000 Pts
Gather 1K Diamonds in foreign Kingdom1 000 Pts

The most valuable option to get points is to kill enemy troops.

Troop Healing

Troops destroyed during the attack, or when you are attacked, fall into the Kingdom’s Infirmary.

In this infirmary, you can heal all your troops for free at the end of this event. So when the event ends a day later, your units, which are being treated here, will be restored free of charge. If you have a good supply of troops, you do not need to restore the wounded for speed ups and resources.


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