Alliance Hall (Embassy)


The Alliance Hall (Embassy) in the game Puzzles and Conquest is an supporting structure, which, similar to the Market, helps in its own way to provide a connection with your Alliance. You can interact with players through the Embassy.

The game has adopted the official description of the building and it sounds like this:
“Embassy is a facility that allows your allies to send you reinforcements and help you speed up in various scenarios. Upgrade Embassy to improve reinforcement cap and help efficiency.
Reinforcements rations will be provided by the original Lord”.

Let’s take a closer look at how the Lord can use this building most effectively.

Why the Alliance Hall (Embassy) is in the game?

To better understand the function of the Alliance Hall (Embassy), you need to look at the mechanics of the game. To interact with other players and complete common missions there are special military alliances called Alliances. You can join one of these Alliances and provide assistance to companions and receive it in return.

In addition to general functions the Alliance also carries the ability to strengthen the defenses of both its Castle and public buildings. To do this you can send Reinforcements of your fighters through the menu of the Embassy building and strengthen the ally’s defense line. Depending on your development there is a Limit of Fortifications available for help.

Building development levels

To develop the Alliance Hall in Puzzles and Conquest you can use the “Upgrade” button in the building menu. This will give you a boost in the basic building functions.

The table provides a summary of the building level versus assistance that can be provided to the Alliance. The Embassy can be improved from level 1 to level 40, along with the development of the rest of the basic structures of your territory.

LevelReinforcements SizeAlliance Help AttemptsAlliance Help Effect
13 000230
26 000233
39 000236
412 000239
515 000442
620 000545
725 000648
830 000851
935 0001054
1040 0001257
1150 0001460
1260 0001563
1370 0001666
1480 0001769
1590 0001872
16110 0001975
17130 0002078
18150 0002181
19170 0002284
20190 0002387
21220 0002490
22250 0002593
23280 0002696
24310 0002799
25340 00028102
26380 00028105
27420 00028108
28460 00028111
29500 00028114
30540 00028117
31580 00028120
32620 00028123
33660 00028126
34700 00028129
35740 00028132
36850 00028135
37900 00028138
38950 00028141
391 000 00028144
401 200 00028147


How can I find the Embassy in Puzzles and Conquest?

Unlike simple resource buildings in order to build the Embassy, you first have to upgrade your Castle to level 3. Then you will have the opportunity to build the Embassy on a free square slot on the second floor of the fortress wall after the Castle.

An empty building slot assigned to it has been allocated for the construction of the Embassy. Click on the green square to the right of the Marketplace construction site next to the defensive Wall (defensive building). You will see the Build menu where you can select the Alliance Hall (Embassy).

When you build a building, you can go to its internal menu and select Reinforce allies, Upgrade a building, or Glory Level (which opens with the development of the Castle).

Fortify the structures of the Alliance and recell your troops in time. This is how you can find the Alliance Hall (Embassy) in Puzzles and Conquest on the main (home) screen of your Territory.


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