Mystery Shop


The Mystery Shop in Puzzles & Conquest is a special building where you can make in-game trade. This is a reserve source of resources, especially useful in order to hide a certain amount of resources in the Bag from being robbery.

In the game the Mystery Shop has a description from developers of the project:

  1. You can exchange for a variety of items in Mystery Shop.
  2. Mystery Shop automatically refresh every 3 hrs.
  3. You may reserve the items that you would like to exchange.

Let’s see how you can interact with this resource-exchange structure in the gameplay.

Why the Mystic Shop is in the game?

The Mystery Shop can serve as an supporting building for obtaining additional resources at a critical moment. In order to exchange resources with each other, you need to go inside the building and look at its menu.

The Shop menu will display a list of your current resources, the amount of which is stored in your Castle (not in the Bag). They can be exchanged. The list displays:

  • Food,
  • Wood,
  • Iron,
  • Gold.

So why make such an exchange, which is not always profitable? As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, your Castle may be attacked by another Lord of the Kingdom. Usually robberies are carried out in order to take resources unprotected by the Warehouse from the Castle.

First, the enemy scouts to see if you are gathering resources to upgrade the base buildings and level up your Castle. If you are not protected from scouts with special items and you have a lot of resources, then the enemy can go on a raid and capture your Castle.

In order not to seduce unfriendly players you can exchange some of your resources and put them in a Bag, which is an endless Storage for resources collected. You get such sets for completing quests or during the Hunt, as well as as a reward for participating in Events.

Exchange Rules

When you have decided what you should stock in the Bag, you can go to the Mystery Shop in Puzzles & Conquest and check out the offer. The set of exchange positions changes every three hours. The Store can contain not only resources, but also speedups and some useful items.

Let’s take a closer look at the approximate options for the Store’s exchange grid.

Option 1
3 х 60m Speedup Research78 000 Iron
27 х 500 Gold (13 500)43 000 Iron
27 х 10K Food (270 000)10 000 Gold
3 х 60m Speedup353 000 Food
Option 2
1 х 60m Speedup Research26 000 Iron
3 х 30m Speedup Research160 000 Wood
3 х 60m Speedup78 000 Iron
6 х 2 500 Gold (15 000)239 000 Wood

Using the table that we provide in the article, you can note the prices of the Mystery Shop. After completing the exchange, a special offer for real money also becomes available to you.

How can I find the Mystery Shop in Puzzles and Conquest?

You can find the Mystery Shop building if you go into the game and take a close look at the main screen of your Castle. In the center of your inner play area is the Castle and to the left of it an unusual airship (flying ship) floats in the air, which is the Shop.

The building will open to you only when you upgrade your Castle to level 12, otherwise you will not be able to enter the building menu and a warning message will be displayed on the main screen. And when you complete all the requirements the Mystery Shop in Puzzles & Conquest will open for you.


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