The Blacksmith in Puzzles and Conquest is a building that allows you to forge powerful equipment from a variety of materials. This equipment is necessary to improve the characteristics of your Army and Might the territory.

The description given in the game by the team of creators is as follows:
“Upgrade Blacksmith to unlock new features and improve the output of hero curios and Meteoric Iron”.

In this article we will look at the main opportunities that open up to the player with the construction of the Blacksmith.

Why the Blacksmith is in the game?

As soon as you begin to actively improve the territory and participate in various Events your Lord level will also grow rapidly. You will be able to unlock new buildings and all sorts of additional improvements will become available to you.

The Blacksmith allows you to craft equipment from certain in-game items that you will collect in your Bag as you play.

In the inner menu of the building you will see five subsections with all kinds of equipment for the Lord:

  • Gear,
  • Gem,
  • Saurgem,
  • Hero Curio (Lv.20 Blacksmith required),
  • Warsigil (Lv.25 Blacksmith required).

Each of these sections shows the equipment options that give you the enhancement of certain characteristics. These enhancements are permanent when you wearing of one or another piece of equipment.

  1. Upgrade Blacksmith to certain levels to unlock saurgem inserting feature (Infantry, Ranged, and Cavalry).
  2. Enhance or promote a saurgem to improve its stat bonuses.
  3. Enhance: Consume enhance materials or other saurgems to gain EXP.
  4. Promote: Consume promote materials to increase the saurgem’s star level. Doing this may reduce enhance level (since high-star saurgems require more EXP to enhance), but stat bonuses won’t be reduced.


The Gear section includes three different types of equipment for the Lord. For war – a War Set, for improving the territory – a Builder Set (bought for real money), for research – a Tech Set (bought for real money).

In each place, you are given 6 slots, which can be filled with themed Gear. For example, in the Military Set you will be able to activate:

  • Sword,
  • Shield,
  • Cuirass,
  • Helm,
  • Ring,
  • Boots.

All of these items can be upgraded starting from level 3 (there may be a different number of stars). To level up one or another piece of Gear, you need to collect special items: Essence of Gear to Promote (material that adds 50 Experience to an item of equipment, can be obtained when Hunting Monsters or for Daily Quests) and Gear Spinel to Increase the level (a stone that possesses mystical powers and is used to enhance gear).

Also, in a separate interactive window, you can activate the Blessing of Gear X – Level. When you increase the level of the Blessing, your equipment is enhanced by leveling the characteristics of the Army Troop. To activate the Blessing, you must fulfill 2 conditions (Requirements for Improvement):

  1. Equip 6 units of 3-star or higher war gear. (6/6),
  2. Collect the Stone of Blessing in the amount of 150/150 (Can be bought in the Diamond Store or obtained in Events).

The characteristics of war gear change when you receive additional stars. You can also buy War Geart in the Alliance Shop.


For each type of gear you can place 4 Gems. Gems are divided into 4 classes according to the type of improvements for the soldiers of your Army:

  1. Infantry Gem,
  2. Ranged Gem,
  3. Cavalry Gem,
  4. Troop Gem.

Gems can be purchased in the Trial Shop and the Hero Championship Shop (if you qualify for the top 300 in the Hero Showdown). A total of 24 Gems can be inserted. Gems can be Enhanced and Promoted. Each level of development of gems gives an addition to the characteristics of the army (Attack, Defense, Health):

  • 4 stars +9%,
  • 5 stars +21%,
  • 6 stars +30%,
  • 7 stars +53%,
  • 8 stars +93%,
  • 9 stars +143%.

You can also get the Blessing of Gems (additional increase in the characteristics of the Squad) if you fulfill the conditions:

  1. Equip 3 stars or better unit gem x18 (18/18),
  2. Stone of Blessing (150/150).


At Level 16 of the Blacksmith upgrade you will gain access to Saurgems. They can also be installed in three slots. With the help of these stones you can improve the characteristics of three types of military formations:

  • Infantry,
  • Ranged,
  • Cavalry.

Upgrading Saurgems can be done with the Essence of Dragon Gems, which can be purchased in the Rare Earth Store (Pit) up to 9 stars. Each level of development of Saurgems gives an addition to the characteristics of the army (Attack, Defense, Health):

  • 4 stars +18%,
  • 5 stars +42%,
  • 6 stars +60%,
  • 7 stars +85%,
  • 8 stars +125%,
  • 9 stars +190%.

You can also get the Blessing of Saurgems (additional increase in the characteristics of the Troop), if you fulfill the conditions:

  1. Equip 3 stars or better unit saurgem x3 (3/3),
  2. Stone of Blessing (150/150).

Further improvement of the Suargems will be available with the development of the Blacksmith at Level 20, Level 22 and Level 30. Saurgems can be Enhanced and Promoted. The upgrade can be done with the Saurgem Spinel.


The Warsigil will only become available at Level 25 Blacksmith. It can also be improved and received an increase in strength for the Army. You can get a good increase in Might and development through the Warsigil Upgrade Event.

Building development levels

Like others buildings the Blacksmith in Puzzles and Conquest can be upgraded. To do this you can go to the main building menu and click the “Upgrade” button. The requirements for raising the level of the building will be shown there.

The table shows what opportunities will open up for you with each new level of improvement.

LevelNew Feature
8Insert Unit Gem
15Insert Troop Gem
16Insert 1st Set Saurgem
20Insert 2st Set Saurgem; Unlock Hero Curio
22Insert 3st Set Saurgem
25Insert 1st Set Warsigil
27Insert 2st Set Warsigil
29Insert 3st Set Warsigil; Upgrade Gem to 8 star
30Insert 4st Set Saurgem; Upgrade Saurgem to 8 star
31Can Upgrade Military Gear to 8 stars
32Insert 4st Set Warsigil
33Insert 5st Set Saurgem
34Can Upgrade Warsigil to 8 stars
35Can Upgrade Build/Research Gear to 6 stars


Hero Curio

Puzzles and Conquest game update 4.0.79 have opened new in-game items to the game – Hero Curios. They can be obtained from the Blacksmith, which has been upgraded to level 20. To create Curios, you should go to the Blacksmith and select the Heroic Curio tab in the building menu.

Hero Curios are special items that add bonuses to the Hero’s stats, Troop stats, and gives Exclusive stats. To activate them, you need to make a Curio in the Blacksmith and inlay the item into the Hero card in the Heroes Menu.

To craft a Curio, you should collect specific items and Scrolls, which are also sold for Diamonds in the new Auction menu. You can craft random Curios and exclusive ones.

Materials for crafting and promoting Curios can include:

  • Curio Promoter,
  • Curio Essence,
  • Curio Instant Craft,
  • Scrolls (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Mythic Curios),
  • Hero Curio Chest,
  • Hero Curio Scrolls Chest,
  • Meteoric Iron.

How can I find Blacksmith in Puzzles and Conquest?

To build the Blacksmith, you need to improve the territory and develop the Lord’s Castle to level 8. In the menu of slots under Construction, you will see the opportunity to add a Blacksmith to the territory of your Castle, the slot for which is strictly assigned to the second level of the Fortress wall, to the left of the Market.

In order to upgrade Gear and develop your army, this building is paramount. You will be able to click on the square green slot and fill that slot with a new building, which will be the Blacksmith in Puzzles and Conquest.


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