Boneyard Event


Boneyard Event in Puzzles and Conquest is an event in which Lords with Castles developed to level 19+ can register for team play. The main point of this game is to fight in a certain group for several rounds to obtain special items “Dragon Fossils”.

“Boneyard is filled with tempting treasures as well as unknown dangers. Dare to explore it?” – here is the slogan of the Event from the game developers.

Rules to participation to the Boneyard Event

  1. Event have its own Time to start to (not UTC connected). There is a shedule for it (11:00 am).
  2. Lv.19+ Castle required. Participants will break into three groups: Lv.19-25, Lv.26-32, and Lv.33-40.
  3. Every Boneyard event consists of multiple rounds. You can sign up for only one round.
  4. Higher Dragon Ruin level grants higher gathering speed. When the round ends, rank rewards will be sent according to participants’ amounts of Dragon Fossils gathered.
  5. Units wounded in Boneyard battle will all be sent to the Kingdom Infirmary (no cost required) and become healthy
    when the event ends.
  6. Random/Directed Relocate items are not usable in Boneyard. Meanwhile, you can relocate your territory for free up to 3 times. After that, you can relocate by spending Diamonds (escalating amounts).
  7. Sword of Slayer and Shield of Savior may randomly appear in Boneyard. Obtain them to get the upper hand in battle (not effective against another player’s territory).
  8. Boneyard Vault may appear in the middle area. Occupy it to obtain a large number of Dragon Fossils.
  9. Rank rewards will be sent via mail after the event.
  10. 1 Dragon Fossil = 1 Point.

How to get Points

First at all, you need to register for a certain phase of the Boneyard event in the Puzzles and Conquest game. The cycles are stretched over a day with a break from one to several hours. The registration period is also limited in time. Registration for the next round opens immediately before it starts.

Registration is possible in different groups according to the development level of the Castle. So, if you have not reached a high level of development sufficient to participate in the Event, then you simply will not be able to register. Next, you look on whether a particular group of complexity is available to you. High-level players are given a choice of three groups.

Registration for hunting in the Necro Town takes place individually, and each member of the Alliance registers independently at its own time. You can try to guess the time to participate in the action with your clan members.

When you enter the game Area, a mini-map will be available to you to teleport your Castle. You can move closer to the center of the event.

The Boneyard event involves the extraction of a certain type of runestone – the Dragon Fossils from the Dragon Ruins. Dragon Ruins vary in their level of organization, which affects the rate at which ore is collected. You should occupy the Ruins as quickly as possible to collect the Fossils. Ruins 3 – 4 will do if your Castle is not at a high level of development. You can use some of the Bonuses available in the Castle to speed up Gathering.

You may be robbed or attacked by other players to drive you out of the Ruins. The Shield of Grace in the Castle does not work. Try to get your hands on the “Sword of Slayer” or “Shield of Savior”. Adding to the characteristics of warriors for Attack or defense against Attack will help you in the Event. These artifacts are disposable and work for the Slot (Ruins). The effectiveness of the Gathering depends on the number of Units that you can send on the March.

You can find special artifacts that will give you bonuses to your military abilities. You can also move your Castle for free up to three times and then for Diamonds. This will help you get away from the attack. But, since your warriors will be eliminated from the battle, the Might can fall with each collision. After the end of the round, your army will be restored automatically.

Keep a close eye on the central area as the Boneyard Vault will give you a huge boost in Dragon Fossils. However, the competition for this area will be colossal. To obtain the Fossils, you must hold your position until you reach 100%.

About Rewards

The reward for participation in the Event can be Personal and Rating. You receive a Personal Reward after the end of a round of battles. The reward is formed when taking into account the collection in three phases of 1800 units of Dragon Fossils, equal to the same number of Points. For example, a total of 5400 Points will give you maximum Reward bonuses.

Information on all awards will be available in the in-game Mail. Ranking rewards will be earned based on the Personal Ranking and calculated for the current day after the completion of the Boneyard Event in Puzzles and Conquest.


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