Monster Hunt Event


Monster Hunt Event in Puzzles and Conquest is an event for strong Alliances in which all members are actively involved in the development of the union. Each ally brings points for the killed monster on the map to the general points bank of the alliance, after which everyone receives rewards. There is no alliance rating or personal rating, rewards are awarded after each wave of mobs. There are 15 waves of monsters in the event.

Introduction to the Monster Hunt Event

Monster Hunt is available! Join forces with other leaders and win grand rewards by hunting down waves of monsters!

  1. During this event, the leader or the warlord of a Lv. 2+ Alliance can start Monster Hunt once.
  2. In the Monster Hunt, waves of powerful monsters will spawn within the Alliance territory.
  3. Hunt down as many monsters as possible within 25 minutes to get rewards.
  4. Battles in Monster Hunt will not result in casualties.

Note: Marching time is affixed at 30 seconds in both ways. Eligible members that are not nearby can also join.


  • During the game day, the leader of the Alliance or R4 can start the Hunt.
  • When the hunt is started and the preparatory time of 5 minutes has passed, demons appear from the yellow circles near the Alliance Fort or in the maximum cluster of Alliance Castles.
  • It is necessary to kill the maximum number of demons in 25 minutes.
  • First, there are 20 ordinary monsters, then comes the Monster Leader, whose appearance will always be in the same place.
  • Killing a leader means a wave passed.
  • The march time is set to 30 seconds there + 30 seconds back, so try to plan and use the maximum squad queue for normal and maximum squad for the leader.
  • You can apply squad buffs.
  • There is no reward for the rating, only the number of killed monsters by the entire Alliance is counted.

We wish you all the best in completing the Puzzles and Conquest Monster Hunt Event, a close-knit alliance and Wave 15 rewards!


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