New Development Event


New Development Event in Puzzles and Conquest it is a regular event, during it you have to use speed-ups for research, construction and training. Points also can be obtained by receiving the item “Mark of Glory” as a reward. The challenge includes 3 types of awards, one of which is the Kingdom Rating.

How to get Points

As we wrote above, rewards will be given for speeding up the development processes of your Castle.

Build Speed-up (1 min.)15 Points
Research Speed-up (1 min.)15 Points
Training Speed-up (1 min.)15 Points
Get Mark of Glory350 Points

About Rewards

There are 10 phases of awards in the individual standings (Pts Rewards). To reach phase 10, you will need to score over 900,000+ points. As rewards, you can find Diamonds, 4-Star Hero cards and other useful resources.

Also in New Development Event there is a Personal Rating, in which the Lords from your “Battle Division” participate. The “Battle Division” is a union of several servers (kingdoms), so you have to measure your strength not only with the members of your kingdom, but also with the Lords from neighboring territories.

The 300 Best Lords of the Kingdom following the results of the “Battle Division” with at least 900,000+ points will receive generous rating rewards.

The awards include the 5 star hero Ne Zha, who is focused on the Ranged squads.

There is also a Kingdoms Rating in the action. It summarizes the performance of the 300 best Lords, who have scored at least 100,000+ points, in each kingdom and forms the overall rating of the server where they are located.

We wish you good luck with the New Development Event in Puzzles and Conquest and a high position in the Ratings.


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