Gather Supplies Event


Gather Supplies Event in Puzzles & Conquest is carried out within 24 hours, so try to complete it among this period. So there you will need to collect resources from the Global map, as well as collect Rare Earth Ore from the Pit. Please note that collecting resources from your Farm или Lumber Camp buildings does not give any points.

How to get Points

Points are awarded for collecting resources that you find on the Global map. The final score of your Castle and, accordingly, the rewards you receive will depend on their number.

Gather 20 Food1 Point
Gather 20 Wood1 Point
Gather 4 Iron1 Point
Gather 1 Gold1 Point
Gather 10 Rare Earth Ore1 Point

About Rewards

Rewards include 10 phases of progress.

As rewards you will be given:

  • Diamond Chests,
  • Spinel (Gear, Gem,Saurgem),
  • Runestones,
  • Essences (Gear, Saurgem),
  • Sauroi EXP,
  • Oath Runes III.

Best wishes to you and bring your will high to complete competition in Gather Supplies Event in Puzzles & Conquest game!


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