Lumber Camp


When you start developing your Castle you should pay attention to the Lumber Camp in Puzzles and Conquest. This is the second foundational resource building after the Farm. The Lumber Camp produces Wood which is required for upgrading other buildings, for training, research, and many other activities.

The game has a description of this building from the developer:
“Build and upgrade Lumber Camp to gain more Wood. Its production will halt when territory Wood limit is reached”.

Let’s try to figure out what tasks the Lumber Camp performs in the game and how to properly plan our Castle space.

Why the Lumber Camp is in the game?

Wood helps the player to build objects on the inner map of the Castle. This is a standard and much-needed resource that runs out quickly when you approach level 13 Castle development. At the first stage you will need to store the Wood from the Lumber Camp. Simple buildings do not require a lot of this resource, however, when you upgrade the Castle both Wood and Food will be needed.

There is an opportunity to choose which buildings and in what quantity to place on their territory. Building slots are limited and the location opens only a few times as the Castle develops. It is possible to obtain resources through participation in battles and competitions, as well as collect them on the World Map. But these are additional sources that need to be balanced in relation to the time you are active in the game.

The Lumber Camp produces Wood which is used in almost all processes. You can also use the Production Speedups bonuses that you will receive in events and quests.

Building development levels

The Lumber Camp in Puzzles and Conquest can be upgraded from level 1 to level 40 similarly to other buildings. A limited number of slots will be available at different levels of upgrading your Castle. That is, you cannot build more Lumber Camps than the game provides for a given level.

At first level of the Castle you will have access to two fields for building, but the limit is 3 (three) Lumber Camps out of three. Also at various levels of development of the Lumber Camp only a limited amount of wood production is available.

LevelWood OutputWood Cap
11201 200
22402 400
33663 660
44984 980
56366 360
67807 800
79309 300
81 08610 860
91 24812 480
101 41614 160
111 59015 900
121 77017 700
131 95619 560
142 14821 480
152 34623 460
162 55025 500
172 76027 600
182 97629 760
193 19831 980
203 42634 260
213 66036 600
223 90039 000
234 14641 460
244 39843 980
254 65646 560
264 92049 200
275 190 51 900
285 46654 660
295 74857 480
306 03660 360
316 32463 240
326 63066 300
336 93669 360
347 24872 480
357 56675 660
367 88478 840
378 20282 020
388 520 85 200
398 838 88 380
409 156 91 560


The table above summarizes the capacity of Wood produced by Lumber Camps on all 40 levels of the development.

How can I find the Lumber Camp in Puzzles and Conquest?

When you start the game and reach your Castle you will have the opportunity to build buildings in the Castle. To do this follow the prompts to open a blurred location with free slots. Then you should click on the round spot and the Build menu will appear.

In the opened catalog you select the Lumber Camp and build it on the Castle map. The initial development is very fast. You will get access to the building and the possibilities to improve it. As the territory develops it will be possible to install more buildings to obtain resources.

You can take a look at the Lumber Camp in Puzzles and Conquest for yourself and use our tips!


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