Hall of War


Hall of War in Puzzles and Conquest – it is a building that allows the Lord to join Rally attacks. The structure is extremely important in the context of participation in military Events and the game within the framework of the Player Alliance.

There is a basic definition of a building, which is suggested by the developers in the building menu:
“Hall of War enables you to join a rally attack. Upgrde it to increase rally size”.

We will consider further in our article what advantages the building gives, and how to develop it.

Why the Hall of War is in the game?

After you complete the Training Levels and in-game tutorials, you will have to develop your territory and upgrade your military might. To do this, you need to develop the Castle, other buildings, train troops and Siege units. Improving the economy of the Castle will lead you to the fact that in order to participate in command Events, you will need to join the Alliance.

To select an Alliance and join it, you can click on the “Alliance” icon on the bottom panel of the Main Screen of the Castle. A special window will appear in front of you with a text that will tell you about the benefits of participating in the Alliance, and you will also be able to join an existing union of players, or create your own Alliance.

After your Lord gains Power, and a certain number of combat units are formed, you will be able to join Rally Attacks. This can be joint trips to the Hell Fortress, the castle of an enemy player, or participation in Alliance Showdown Event, Demon Incursion Event and other Events for the Alliances.

In the Hall of War, you can see the current status:

  • is there any Rally Attack avaliable,
  • is the reinforcements Allies required,
  • to overview new Troop formation sets.

We mentioned Rally Attacks above. Reinforcement of Allies is required when attacking players from enemy Alliances. Often, really huge enemy Alliances are engaged in robbing smaller Alliances and solo players. To do this, the enemy relocate his or her Castle to the target of attack and sends a Scout (you can defend yourself with Anti-Scout in the Territory Boosts menu).

After the enemy has assessed the state of the goal – defense, unprotected resources – he can send troops for March to initiate the attack. If an attack is made on you, then with a developed Watchtower, your screen will turn into a Red Aura, and the Attack message will appear on the main screen (you can defend yourself using the Shield of Grace in the Territory Boosts menu).

If you find that the territory of your Alliance has been attacked, you can stand under the Shield of Grace, and send your troops to the Castle of Allies who are not online or have no opportunity to use a defensive item. You can also strengthen the Alliance Fortress.

The Troop Formation Set will allow you to form a basic formation in order to be able to consolidate the selection of Units. This is a quick bookmark. At the beginning, you have 1 option for recording the formation, and at the 5th VIP level, the second formation opens. Further, VIP 9 will unlock the third formation set.

Building development levels

To develop the Hall of War in Puzzles and Conquest, you can use the Upgrade button in the building’s internal menu. Standard improvement – levels 1 through 40. You will see an increase in the size of the Legion at each stage of the building upgrade.

Also, to improve the building from the 15th level of the Castle, you will open the Glory Level section, which will allow you to build up additional Might through the introduction of Marks og Glory. The table reflects the characteristics that will give an increase with the Improvement of the building.

LevelLegion Size
110 000
220 000
330 000
440 000
550 000
670 000
790 000
8110 000
9130 000
10150 000
11180 000
12210 000
13240 000
14270 000
15300 000
16340 000
17380 000
18420 000
19460 000
20500 000
21550 000
22600 000
23650 000
24700 000
25750 000
26810 000
27870 000
28930 000
29990 000
301 050 000
311 110 000
321 170 000
331 230 000
341 290 000
351 350 000
361 410 000
371 470 000
381 530 000
391 590 000
401 650 000


How can I find the Hall of War in Puzzles and Conquest?

In order to build a Hall of War, you need to upgrade your Castle to level 7. When the improvement of the territory is completed, and the requirements for collecting resources are done, you should find the Hall of Heroes (a huge statue of a winged Goddess) to the left of the Fortress in the center of the Main Screen of the game, and under it is an empty area with a green building slot.

Enter the “building menu” and click on the proposed Hall of War building. Unlike slots for resource buildings, only this structure can be built here. After construction, you can interract with the internal menu, as well as make Upgrades and level up.

Please note that for the evolution of the Hall of War in the game Puzzles and Conquest, in addition to resource materials, you will also need specific items – Dwarf Engineering, which can either be bought for Diamonds or won in large and thematic Events.


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