Siege Factory


Siege Factory in Puzzles and Conquest — it is a military structure that allows you to create siege units for battle. Various types of catapults can be made in this building in order to conduct successful military operations.

The game offers a specific description for the building from the team of creators, which sounds like this:
“Where Siege units are produced. Upgrade to unlock more advanced units”.

In the text of the article, we will analyze this building in order to find out all its capabilities and features.

Why the Siege Factory is in the game?

Players will not be offered access to the building immediately, but after progressing through the main quest. The Lord needs this building to strengthen the Power of the army and create new troop units. In total, there are four basic military training buildings on the territory of the Castle, and a Trap Workshop for the defense forces. These buildings are trained by the following troops: cavalry, infantry, ranged and catapults.

Siege units are very helpful in gathering resources on the World Map, as well as in capturing enemy Castles. Catapults are slow and load Marsh’s queue a lot, but when collecting Food, Wood, Iron or Gold, they are big enough to send them out for Resources.

Heroes have special characteristics that give bonuses to the economy of the territory and to the strength of the military formation. This can be an increase in Health, Attack or Defense, as well as similar characteristics of Units. You can simulate a certain effect for your military squad and increase Power if you combine fighters of a certain type and a Team of Heroes. This creates an additional amplification effect.

Siege units come in various levels and shapes. You can see the list of changes if you go to the internal menu of the Siege Factory and select the scrolling icons with the image of the catapult. Also in the menu you can see what resources will be needed for the evolution of the troop, it is shown how many units can be trained at your level of building development.

Building development levels

The Siege Factory in Puzzles and Conquest gives you the ability to upgrade a building from level 1 to level 40 inclusive. This is necessary to enhance the Might of your Castle and to progress in the construction itself. With each new level of the building, you will see an improvement in the characteristics of combat units and an increase in the volume of training.

At certain stages of improvement, new catapults with an increased indicator will be opened for you: T1, T2, T3, and so on. To activate the Improvement of the building, you should go to the internal menu of the building and click on the Upgrade button, which is located under the “Glory Level” button (which is available after the 15th level of the Castle).

In the table, we have represented all the improvements that will be available to you up to level 40.

1Woodpecker Catapult
4Exocet Catapult
7Pangolin Catapult
10Zebra Catapult
13Buffalo Catapult
16Camel Catapult
19Anaconda Catapult
22Mammoth Catapult
26Whale Catapult
30Leviathan Bombard
35Leviathan Bombard II
40Leviathan Bombard III


How can I find the Siege Factory in Puzzles and Conquest?

The structure must be built to gain access to it. There is a special place for this on the Castle map to the left of the Fortress. Near the Barracks buildings, you will find a green square. If you click on it, then you will open the “Building menu”, where this building will be shown. This spare site is assigned a place specifically for a specific building.

In the construction menu, you can see the conditions for the construction of this structure. Construction will become available to you only after upgrading the Castle to level 5 and higher. And also you need to collect a certain amount of resources and go through the Campaign to start the 3rd Chapter. All this will give you access to military buildings, and you can also start building a Siege Factory in the game Puzzles and Conquest.


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