The Infirmary in the game Puzzles and Conquest is a must-have building for conducting strategic and offensive conquests on the territory of the World Map. With the help of this building you can heal your soldiers.

There is an internal description of the Infirmary from the development team:
“Where your wounded units are healed. Upgrading to increase capacity.”

Let’s figure out together what this building is in the world of the Dragon.

Why the Infirmary is in the game?

The Infirmary is a place where you can heal your wounded soldiers. The principles of this building are based on several rules:

  1. When attacking an enemy alliance fort, all attacker wounded units will die. When defending an alliance fort, all defender wounded units will be sent to Infirmary.
  2. Same rules apply to territories.
  3. Same rules apply to attacking stationed units.
  4. Battles over Dragonia/Altars can result in 70% wounded units sent to Infirmary.
  5. Battles over resource spots can result in 100% wounded units sent to Infirmary.
  6. Note: Wounded units that exceed the Infirmary limit will die.

In the Infirmary you can heal wounded soldiers. To do this, you go to the building menu and select the number of units that you want to heal. This process takes time, which can be speedup with the help of special items that you receive as a reward for Challenges, Quests or buy in the store.

If more soldiers are wounded than your Infirmaries can heal, then other soldiers will die. Therefore, you need to monitor the capacity of the building.

Solders can wound most often during the Monster Hunt on the World Map. In order to send a troops to the Hunt, you should go to the world map and find a Monster of your Might level on it.

Send a squad into battle and a certain number of soldiers will automatically fall into the Infirmary. Return to the Castle map and look at the building. It will have a red indication with floating red crosses. When you choose to heal soldiers a green indicator with crosses of the same color will appear above the building.

The healing time depends on the level of development of your army and the number of wounded soldiers. In menu you can choose by yourself using special sliders how many soldiers to heal and what level of soldiers to heal.

Building development levels

In order to effectively heal soldiers and not lose units in the War, you need to improve buildings. You can build a several of them in the game.

Each building has an internal interface with an Upgrade button. It shows how much resources you need to collect to improve the building.

The table shows the expected capacity of the Infirmary in Puzzles and Conquest due to the increase in the level of the building.

LevelInfirmary Cap
13 000
23 500
34 000
44 500
55 000
65 500
76 000
86 500
97 000
107 500
118 000
128 500
139 000
149 500
1510 000
1610 500
1711 000
1811 500
1912 000
2012 500
2113 000
2213 500
2314 000
2414 500
2515 000
2615 500
2716 000
2816 500
2917 000
3017 500
3118 000
3218 500
3319 000
3419 500
3520 000
3620 500
3721 000
3821 500
3922 000
40 22 500


How can I find the Infirmary in Puzzles and Conquest?

You can build the Infirmary on free building slots on the locations of the Castles that are open with the development of the Castle. The building can be build on the level 4 of the Castle.

Go to the Build Free Slot menu and build the Infirmary. Then you can find it at any time at this place – below the second floor of the Fortress Wall after the Castle.

This building is extremely necessary and saves the Lord from unnecessary losses in daily activities. Use the Infirmary in Puzzles and Conquest for effectively hunt and war.


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