Trap Workshop


The Trap Workshop in Puzzles & Conquest is one of the buildings that are responsible for the defense of the Castle. With the help of this building, you can prepare special arsenal to protect against enemy attacks.

The description from the developers sounds like this:
“Where traps are produced. Make good use of them to withstand enemy assault”.

Let’s take a closer look at what the Trap Workshop is for and how to handle it in the game.

Why the Trap Workshop is in the game?

The mechanics of the game provide that the Lords some times begin to attack enemy Castles in the course of an individual raids, or a collective Rally as part of the Alliance. We can say that after level 10 of the Castle no one is safe. The only thing that can help you in such a situation is the Shield of Grace item.

If you do not have the opportunity to defend yourself and developing further is more important, then you will need to use your combat power to defend your territory. Buildings such as the Watchtower, The Wall, and the Trap Workshop will help you with this.

In the Workshop you can make traps for the enemy of different difficulty levels. The priority of the strength of a particular mechanical gadget for your protection is described in the game:

  1. Launch Traps impede Cavalry units.
  2. Arrow Towers disrupt Ranged units.
  3. Ground Traps incapacitate Infantry units.

To make them you need to build a building, enter the internal menu and order the Trap that you want to make. This will require certain resources. For example, on the first and simplest type of Trap – Boulder – you will spend 3,990 Food for 190 pcs.

Building development levels

The Trap Workshop in Puzzles & Conquest has room for improvement. To develop a building you can go to the building’s internal menu and select the “Upgrade” tab. There you will see what requirements, such as the supply of resources and the development of related buildings.

The table shows data about the levels of development of the Workshop and the opportunities that open to you.

LevelTrap CapacityTrap Crafting CapUnlock
11 00050Boulder
22 00060 
33 00070Stone Tower
44 00080 
55 00090Spike
66 500100 
78 000110Log
89 500120 
911 000130Arrow Tower
1012 500140 
1114 500150Caltrop
1216 500160 
1318 500170 
1420 500180Burning Log
1522 500190 
1625 000200 
1727 500210Enchanced Tower
1830 000220 
1932 500230 
2035 000240Enchanced Spike
2138 000250 
2241 000260 
2344 000270Burning Rock
2447 000280 
2550 000290 
2655 000300Rampart
2760 000310 
2865 000320 
2970 000330Magic Trap
3075 000340 
3180 000350 
3285 000360 
3390 000370 
3495 000380 
35100 000390 
36105 000400 
37110 000410 
38115 000420 
39120 000430 
40125 000440 


How can I find the Trap Workshop in Puzzles and Conquest?

To build a Trap Workshop you need to upgrade your Castle to level 4. Then you will have the opportunity to build this structure.

Go into the game, take a look at the main menu of the Castle (in-game territory), then find a free slot next to the Storage, there you can build a Trap Workshop if the development requirements are did.

To construct this building you will also need 458 Wood. You can Upgrade the structure and add the Trap Workshop Glory Level in Puzzles & Conquest, which increases the Lord’s Might.


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