Diamond Exchange Shop Event


Diamond Exchange Shop Event Puzzles and Conquest – it is a rare promotion in which you can spend your earned diamonds on very profitable purchases. The main feature of this store is that prices are reduced by 50% compared to regular offers. And this is an expected event for many players therefore.

For many offers there is a limit on the VIP level for the exchange. For example, to redeem 8-stars Warsigil Promoter, you need VIP level 12, and for the 5-Star Hero Card – VIP 7. If you want to buy an 8-star Saurgems Promoter, then again you will need VIP 12.
But nevertheless, the initial items can be bought by anyone, for example, 3-star Hero Cards or Mark of Glory.

Don’t miss Diamond Exchange Shop Event in Puzzles and Conquest if you want to buy important items at a bargain with Diamonds.


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