Hunter Tactic Event


Hunter Tactic Event in Puzzles and Conquest carried out within 48 hours. This action is for active Alliances, in which participants go on campaigns to the Hell Fortress. Each ally brings points to the bank of the entire alliance, and as they accumulate, you can get 10 phases of rewards. At phase 10, you can get 5 fragments of a 5-star Hero.

How to get Points

Defeat Hell Fortress from 1st to 7th Lvl.4 500 Points
Defeat Hell Fortress from 8th to 14th Lvl.6 000 Points
Defeat Hell Fortress from 15th to 21st Lvl.9 000 Points
Defeat Hell Fortress from 22nd to 28th Lvl.12 000 Points
Defeat Hell Fortress from 29th to 34th Lvl.15 000 Points
Defeat Hell Fortress from 35th to 45th Lvl.18 000 Points

As you can see, the more damage you do to Hell Fortress of superrior lvl, which you’re defeating, the more points you can get.

About Rewards

Hunter Tactic Event rewards are divided into three types:

  • Alliance points reward – all points earned by members of your Alliance are summed up here where rewards are given to each ally. There are 10 phases of rewards in total, and in order to unlock the latest rewards, your alliance needs to earn 6,300,000+ points.
  • Personal Ranking – The 50 Best Lords of the Kingdom with at least 0 personal points will receive generous ranking rewards. This is the personal rating of all players in the kingdom. If you want to get into this TOP, you will have to compete with the strongest players on the server.
  • Alliance Ranking – Alliances that have made it into the Top 5 in terms of total points in the kingdom will be presented with abundant rewards. Leaders and diplomats will be able to distribute awards in the Alliance Treasury.

To get into this rating, all members of your alliance must be of a high level and have a well-trained army so that campaigns on the Hell Fortress bring maximum points.

We wish you good luck with Hunter Tactic event in Puzzles and Conquest and to earn a high place in the Personal Ranking.


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