Dimond Expert Event


Dimond Expert Event Puzzles and Conquest motivates players to spend diamonds on a variety of in-game purchases. The more diamonds you spend, the better rewards you can get. By the way, among the rewards there are the same diamonds and if you collect all 10 phases of rewards, you will be able to compensate 2,900 diamonds. There are personal rewards and rewards for ranking among all the Lords of the Kingdom as it is in other events.

How to get Points

ActivityPoints Number
Every Diamond spent in game1 Points

As you can see, points are awarded one to one. So, in case you spend 1000 diamonds, then 1000 Points will be added to your credit.

About Rewards

As we wrote above, there are two tables of rewards in the Diamond Expert Event:

  • Points Rewards,
  • Personal Ranking.

There are 10 reward phases in Point Rewards, each of which is unlocked upon reaching a certain point threshold:

Phase NumberPoints
Phase 1600 Pts
Phase 21 200 Pts
Phase 32 100 Pts
Phase 43 000 Pts
Phase 56 000 Pts
Phase 612 000 Pts
Phase 718 000 Pts
Phase 824 000 Pts
Phase 937 500 Pts
Phase 1045 000 Pts

Among the rewards in each phase are valuable gifts.

In the Personal Ranking, there is a struggle for very valuable awards, only the top 100 Lords of the kingdom in terms of points (not less than 45,000) can receive these prizes. For the first place you can get 30 fragments of a 5-star hero. But to take it you will have to spend a lot of effort on preparation or even invest a lot of real money. For example, in current Kingdom, the leading players gain more than 200,000 points, which means they spend more than 200,000 diamonds for the event!

Each server has its own situation with a personal rating, it may be more realistic to reach first place in your kingdom.

We wish you great sucsess with the Diamond Expert Event in Puzzles and Conquest game and to get a high place in the Personal Ranking.


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