Sauroi Lair


Sauroi Lair in Puzzles & Conquest – is an additional building for strengthening your Castle. The functionality of this building will not be available to you right away, since this building is associated with the Main Quest and activity in the Campaign.

In the game, the building has its own explanation from the developers:
“Sauroi grants extraordinary stat bonuses”.

Consider in the article how you can open this building for your Lord, and how to improve your skills with the help of the Dragon Sauroi.

Why Sauroi Lair is in the game?

This building in the game is thematic and very interesting. It complements the development of your territory by unlocking additional upgrades for basic military and economic skills.

At the very beginning of the game, you find your Castle, in which the Dragon slumbers in the Egg, which helped you in the war with the Undead. Due to a serious confrontation, the Dragon lost its vitality and turned into its protective form – the Egg.

After you done the Campaign and the completion of the tasks of the Main Quest, which the Heroine Garnet gives out, you collect the Life Force drop by drop to awaken the Sauregg from sleep.

In the building menu, you can choose two interaction options::

  1. Level Up Building,
  2. Sauroi Menu.

In order to decide, you should click on the small icons on the building. To upgrade, go to the first icon – Level Up.

If you tap “Sauroi” with the Dragon icon, then you go to a new menu. There you will see the standard skin of your Dragon.

It is possible to change the morph or appearance of your Sauroi by raising the level of the Dragon. To do this, collect Sauroi Experience. There are only four transformations, each of which gives its bonus skills to your army:

  • Empyrsaur (base) – Infantry ATK + 1%, Ranged ATK +1%, Cavalry ATK + 1%,
  • Terrasaur (opens on 35 lvl Sauroi) – Troop HP + 4%, Troop ATK + 4%, Troop DEF + 4%,
  • Murksaur (opens on 60 lvl Sauroi) – Troop HP + 8%, Troop ATK + 8%, Troop DEF + 8%,
  • Luminosaur (opens on 30 lvl Sauroi + Heart of Dragon x 1) – Troop HP + 10%, Troop ATK + 10%, Troop DEF +10%.

You can also make several attempts a day to interact with your Sauroi: Talk, Praise, Gift. Each attempt gives certain items related to Sauroi – Sauroi EXP, Runestones, and so on.

Also, with the help of Military Runestones and Economy Runestones, you can improve Sauroi Skills in two branches:

  • Military Skill,
  • Economy Skill.

Вкладка “Характеристики Саурой” дает вам таблицы с наглядной информацией, какие сейчас бонусы к характеристикам вам уже доступны. The tab “Sauroi Stats” gives you tables with visual information, which bonuses to characteristics are already available to you.

Building development levels

If you want to upgrade Sauroi Lair in Puzzles & Conquest, then you need to click on the building and select the “Level up” icon. Then you will have the opportunity to make a standard building Upgrade.

The table below shows what bonuses you will get by leveling up the building.

LevelMilitary Runestone CostEconomy Runestone CostInteraction Attempts +
10-5%-5% +4
13-6.5%-6.5% +5
22-11%-11% +7
24-12%-12% +7
26-13%-13% +8
27-13.5%-13.5% +8
28-14%-14% +8
30-15%-15% +9
31-15.5%-15.5% +9
33-16.5%-16.5% +10
35-17.5%-17.5% +10
36-18%-18% +10
37-18.5%-18.5% +10
38-19%-19% +10
39-19.5%-19.5% +10
40-20%-20% +10


How can I find the Sauroi Lair in Puzzles & Conquest?

After passing the 12th Chapter of the Campaign, when you gain power and develop your Castle, the Dragon Sauroi wakes up, and the building on the map of the Castle changes from the Sauregg form to the Red Dragon morph, which lays around the building – Sauroi Lair.

You can find this structure to the right of the Castle, it crowns a separate island, which is connected to the Fortress by a long bridge. For a better orientation, take a look at the Campaign Portal directly below Sauroi Lair in Puzzles and Conquest.


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